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Attorneys Representing JUUL & E-Cigarette Users With Health Complications

The use of JUUL and other vaping or electronic cigarette devices – commonly referred to as “vapes”, “vape pens” or “e-cigs” – has reached epidemic proportions, particularly among teens and younger adults. Sadly, JUUL and other major vaping companies have contributed to this epidemic by marketing their products towards younger people.

Use of JUUL vapes and other e-cigarette products are known to be associated with a number of serious health complications and conditions, including seizures, poisoning, respiratory issues, and psychological issues such as physical addiction and anxiety.

JUUL and other e-cigarette manufacturers have spent billions of dollars marketing their products on social media, where younger people naturally make up a larger percentage of the demographic. The company also created fruit- and candy-flavored products that are naturally more popular among younger people.

What Makes JUUL & E-Cigarettes So Dangerous?

Despite some claims that vapes and e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, JUUL vaporizers contain high levels of nicotine which makes them illegal for minors. The liquid inside of JUUL cartridges contain glycerol, propylene glycol, benzoic acid, and a host of other chemical compounds that create the flavor which makes the products so popular in the first place.

Medical experts across the globe have expressed serious concern about the high levels of nicotine that are present in JUUL devices. Nicotine levels found in e-cigarettes are generally much higher than that of a typical cigarette, which is at odds with the companies’ claims that their products are safer and/or healthier than other tobacco products.

The addictive nature of tobacco products containing nicotine compounds this problem, especially in cases of teenagers and young adults whose bodies and internal organs are more susceptible to damage.

JUUL's Complicity In Targeting & Exploiting Minors

JUUL has grabbed a significant share of the e-cigarette and vaping market, largely due to the success of its social media marketing and advertising campaigns. With just a few years in the market, the company has reached a $38 billion valuation with seemingly little regulatory measures in place to keep the company in check.

Despite early attempts to deny their own responsibility and legal liability in the damages that minors and young adults suffer after becoming addicted, e-cigarette and vape manufacturers like JUUL are beginning to publicly recognize their own complicity. A recent partnership with one of big tobacco’s largest corporations, Altria, has also raised concerns about the company’s long-term goals and strategies.

But Kevin Burns, CEO of JUUL Labs, has admitted to some level of the company’s complicity in the problems that have resulted from increased use of vapes and e-cigarettes among minors, stating, “We are, of course, partly responsible (for youth vaping). We have 80% of the marketplace, how can we not be responsible for this? I don’t think it’s intent, but we are responsible and we’ve got to take action on it.”

Free Legal Consultation For JUUL Injury Victims

If you or a loved one has suffered from any serious health-related complications or medical conditions as a result of having used a JUUL or other e-cigarette products, the attorneys at Davis Law Group may be able to help you pursue a claim against the company for your medical bills and other damages, such as pain and suffering, long-term injuries, and more.

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