Freeway Entrance Ramp & Exit Ramp Accident Lawyers

Entrance and Exit Ramp AccidentsEach day tens of thousands of cars, trucks and motorcycles travel on the highway and freeway entrance/exit ramps and interchanges along Interstate 5, Interstate 90, Highway 520, Highway 99 and on countless other roads throughout the Seattle metro area and across Washington State.

A huge percentage of motor vehicle accidents in Washington State happen on these ramps. The highway entrance and exit ramp accident attorneys at Davis Law Group handle dozens of ramp accidents each year. 

Studies show that freeway entrance and exit ramp interchanges are the sites of far more motor vehicle accidents per mile driven than other segments of interstate highways. Every year, hundreds of motor vehicle accidents occur when negligent drivers are unfamiliar with highway ramp traffic patterns or simply think that other drivers should move over.

Vehicles often negotiate the ramps at a high rate of speed, weaving through or merging with of multiple lanes of traffic. About half of all crashes occur when at-fault drivers are in the process of exiting interstates, 36 percent occur when drivers are entering, and 16 percent occur at the midpoints of access roads or on ramps connecting two interstate freeways.

Sometimes the cause of ramp accidents is actually poor roadway design. The cases that involve roadway design issues require special attention as they may involve a case against the roadway design architects or the department of transportation.

At high speeds, this type of motor vehicle accident can be serious and possibly deadly.  

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