What Does a Free Consultation With a Lawyer Actually Mean?

free legal consultationThere is not necessarily one true definition of a “free legal consultation” with a personal injury attorney.

Most attorneys use this phrase simply as encouragement for people to call their office.

Davis Law Group has represented accident victims and their families in Washington state and beyond since the firm was founded by attorney Chris Davis in 1994. In this time, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the common needs and concerns of accident victims.

We believe that educating people about their rights after an accident is the best way to help accident victims make the best decision for their own future. And while we can’t necessarily tell you what other firms mean when they offer a “free legal consultation,” we can tell you exactly what it means at Davis Law Group.

Free Legal Consultations at Davis Law Group

When you call our office to discuss a potential personal injury case, you’ll first speak with one of our Case Investigation Coordinators. They work closely with the legal team to evaluate claims from accident victims and determine the best course of action moving forward.

Many law firms simply sign up anyone who wants to hire them and will agree to handle their personal injury case as long as there is an opportunity to recover compensation. What many accident victims do not understand – due in part to the aggressive nature of lawyer advertising – is that it is not always necessary or beneficial for an accident victim to hire an attorney. In fact, many personal injury claims could be resolved without the assistance of a lawyer.

In some instances, a personal injury victim may be able to negotiate and recover the same level of compensation that an attorney would be able to recover. Since hiring an attorney typically costs approximately one-third of the gross settlement value, victims in these situations essentially end up paying an attorney to do something that the victim could have done on their own.

At Davis Law Group, we only believe in representing victims of accidents in situations where we are able to improve upon the current value of the claim. This may include situations where an insurance company is devaluing or outright denying an accident victim’s claim altogether and is trying to take advantage of the victim’s limited knowledge of the civil legal process.

After you discuss the details of your claim with one of our Case Investigation Coordinators and the legal team has determined that you have a valid claim, we will set up an appointment for a free consultation with our legal staff.

In this meeting, you will have an opportunity to voice your concerns and ask questions about the legal process. We will be very up front with you about whether or not we believe that hiring an attorney would truly benefit your claim.

Chris Davis
Award-winning personal injury attorney and founder of Davis Law Group, P.S. in Seattle, Washington.