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Dog Bite Settlements And Verdicts

Below are just a few of the many dog bite lawsuits and settlements, arbitration awards, and jury verdicts that have been successfully resolved by the award-winning attorneys at Davis Law Group. 

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  • $250,000 Settlement for Woman Attacked by Escaped Dog We recovered a $250,000 settlement for Danae, who was viciously attacked by an escaped dog in Seattle in 2010. Danae suffered from multiple wounds and a fractured vertebra from the attack.
  • $250,000 Settlement For Man With Broken Bones After Dog Attack Davis Law Group helped a Kenmore man get a $250,000 settlement after he was the victim of a dog attack. The man suffered serious injuries to both of his arms and had to go through extensive physical therapy.
  • $200,000 Settlement For Woman Injured After Bike Accident Caused by A Dog Davis Law Group recovered a $200,000 settlement for a woman who was severely injured in a bike accident caused by a strangers off leash dog.
  • $200,000 Dog Attacks Unsuspecting Victim
    (Case No. 200819, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $200,000 Confidential Dog Bite Case
    (Case No. 200931, Insurance Company: American Bankers of Florida)
  • $150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull Mix
    (Case No. 200670, Insurance Company: Mutual of Enumclaw)
  • $150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull
    (Case No. 200534, Insurance Company: Farmers)
  • $150,000 Man Attacked By Pitbull Mix
    (Case No. 200604, Insurance Company: American Bankers of Florida)
  • $127,000 Man Attacked By Dog
    (Case No. 201063, Insurance Company: Pemco)
  • $110,000 Settlement For 8-Year-Old Bitten By Boxer
    (Case No. 200256, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $100,000 Settlement for Woman Bit by Runaway Dog We were able to recover $100,000 to help compensate our client for her medical bills, injuries, lost wages, and other damages caused by the dog bite.

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