Motorcycle Accident Settlements & Verdicts - Case Results

Below are just a few of the many motorcycle accident cases that have been successfully resolved by Davis Law Group

$1,200,000 Motorcycle Hit By Motor Vehicle (Case No. 201094, Insurance: State Farm)

$1,000,000 Motorcycle Hit Head-On By Car Making Illegal U-Turn (Case No. 200566, Insurance: Allstate)

$795,000 Motorcycle Hit By SUV (Case No. 200925, Insurance: GEICO)

$750,000 Settlement Motorcycle Injury Accident Read The Client Story

$250,000 Motorcycle Rider Hit By Car On Highway 2 (Case No. 200937, Insurance: Middlesex)

$250,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Rider - Herniated Disc

$200,000 Motorcyclist T-Boned By Speeding Car (Case No. 201353, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$200,000 Motorcycle Collision With Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200835, Insurance: Allstate)

$180,000 Motorcycle Rear-Ended At Stop Lisght (Case No. 200528, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Motorcycle Hit By Car Making Unsafe Turn (Case No. 201428, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Motorcycle Crash Into Car Making Usafe Turn (Case No. 201002, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Motorcycle Hit Car That Ran Red Light (Case No. 201167, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident Caused By Car (Case No. 201296, Insurance: Safeco)

$77,295 Motorcycle Hit By Car In Boeing Parking Lot (Case No. 200875, Insurance: American Family)

$70,000 Motorcycle Cut Off My Car (Case No. 200616, Insurance: Safeco)

$50,000 Motorcycle Rear-Ended On Street (Case No. 200619, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Motorcycle Hit Head-On By Motor Vehicle (Case No. 200800, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$50,000 Motorcycle Hit By Vehicle Making U-Turn (Case No. 201202, Insurance: Ameriprise)