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$750,000 Settlement For Motorcyclist With Fractured Ankle

Driver Pulls Out In Front Of Motorcycle Causing Serious Injuries

motorcycle accident lawsuitOur client was driving his motorcycle on an otherwise-typical day when another vehicle pulled out in front of him, causing him to fall off the motorcycle and suffer a number of serious injuries.
Police reports indicate that the at-fault driver admitted he did not see our client or his motorcycle in the roadway before pulling out in front of him. The driver's actions directly caused our client to lay down his motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

Unfortunately, our client was unable to react in time and the motorcycle struck another vehicle, leaving the man with a number of serious injuries. Injuries included severe "degloving" to rider's lower leg, fractured ankle and tibia, a dislocated shoulder, and multiple bruises and abrasions to body. 

As is often the case in serious motorcycle accidents, our client was left with mounting costly medical bills as a result of this accident. After receiving treatment for his numerous injuries at the hospital and by other medical providers, our client's Medical bills totaled more than $100,000. 

Wage Loss After Motorcycle Accident

In addition, our client was unable to perform his normal job duties for an extended period of time. An economist who assisted with analyzing the case estimated that our client lost approximately $50,000 in wages as a result of his inability to work after the accident.

Before retaining an attorney, the motorcycle accident victim was offered a settlement of $150,000. While this amount would have covered his medical bills and most of his lost wages, the settlement would not have provided any support for future medical treatment or taken our client's pain and suffering into account.

Fortunately for our client, he was hesitant to take the insurance company's offer and called the personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group to discuss his legal rights and options for recovering the fair compensation he deserved under the law. After nearly two years of negotiations, the man's case settled for the maximum insurance policy limits available.

Brief Case Summary

We recovered a $750,000 settlement for a man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. The insurance company's offer was $150,000 but we secured the full insurance policy limits of $750,000.