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Since 1994, Davis Law Group has represented countless accident victims and their families throughout the state of Washington. Below are just a few of the many stories of accident victims and survivors who recovered the compensation they deserved after choosing to hire Davis Law Group.

$5,000,000 Settlement for Car Accident Victim with TBI  Read The Client Story

$4,200,000 Wrongful Death Due To Automobile Accident (Case No. 200134, Insurance: Confidential)

$4,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement for Children of Accident Victim Read The Client Story

$3,400,000 Paid By DOC for Brain Injury and Wrongful Death Read The Client Story

$3,000,000 Wrongful Death of Bicyclist Hit By A Box Truck (Case No. 201018, Insurance: Travelers)

$3,000,000 Settlement for Victims of Double Fatality Crash Read The Client Story

$2,936,821 Wrongful Death Car Accident Involving A Bus (Case No. 200672, Insurance: Gallagher Bassett)

$2,760,000 Wrongful Death From Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200551, Insurance: Farmers)

$2,700,000 Pedestrian Struck By Bus In Crosswalk (Case No. 201285)

$2,600,000 Serious Injury From Boating Accident (Case No. 200524, Insurance: State Farm)

$2,150,000 Settlement for Victim of DUI Crash with Brain Injury Read The Client Story

$2,050,000 Pedestrian Struck By Drunk Driver / Dram Shop Case (Case No. 200809, Insurance: Nevada Capital)

$2,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Involving A Dump Truck (Case No. 200511, Insurance: Sentry Insurance)

$2,000,000 Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision (Case No. 200050, Insurance: American Family)

$2,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Involving A Dump Truck (Case No. 200511, Insurance: Sentry Insurance)

$2,000,000 Settlement for Victim of Semi-Truck Accident Read The Client Story

$2,000,000 Recovery for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim

$1,777,888 Head-On Motor Vehicle Crash (Case No. 200713, Insurance: GEICO)

$1,734,798 Motor Vehicle Accident Victim (Case No. 200761, Insurance: Confidential)

$1,650,000 Drunk Driver Cases Motor Vehicle Crash (Case No. 200333, Insurance: Progressive)

$1.6 Million Medication Error Settlement Read The Client Story

$1.5 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

$1,550,000 Rear-End Accident Caused By Delivery Truck (Case No. 200696, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$1,500,000 Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk By Delivery Truck (Case No. 200668, Insurance: Confidential)

$1,350,000 Settlement For Family Of Woman Killed By Metro Bus Read Client Story

$1.3 Million For Boating Accident Victim with Serious Leg Injuries Read The Client Story

$1,300,000 Pedestrian Struck By Car (Case No. 200702, Insurance: American Commerce)

$1,300,000 Head-On Drunk Driving Crash / Dram Shop Case (Case No. 200532, Insurance: Western World)

$1,290,000 Pedestrian Struck By Truck In Marked Crosswalk (Case No. 201104, Insurance: Safeco)

$1,200,000 Teen Driver Crashes Into Family Driving Home From Church (Case No. 200402, Insurance: Farmers)

$1,200,000 Motorcycle Hit By Motor Vehicle (Case No. 201094, Insurance: State Farm)

$1,162,231 Rear-Ended By Drink Driver At Stop Light (Case No. 200150, Insurance: Progressive)

$1,090,000 Rear-Ended By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200299, Insurance: Farmers)

$1,085,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

$1,000,000 Wrongful Death Due To Fall (Case No. 200939, Insurance: Philadelphia Indemnity)

$1,000,000 Motorcycle Hit Head-On By Car Making Illegal U-Turn (Case No. 200566, Insurance: Allstate)

$1,000,000 Injury Settlement in Medical Transport Negligence Case Read The Client Story

$1,000,000 Settlement in Wrongful Death at Nursing Home

$975,000 Settlement for Man Who Died from Dog Bite Read The Client Story

$945,441 Rear-Ended In Downtown Seattle (Case No. 200981, Insurance: State Farm)

$900,000 Wrongful Death of Bicyclist Hit By Teen Driver (Case No. 200267, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$800,000 Pedestrian Hit By Car In Crosswalk (Case No. 200515, Insurance: QBE Regional Insurance)

$800,000 Grandfather Kill In Motor Vheicle Accident (Case No. 200671, Insurance: Gallagher Bassett)

$795,000 Motorcycle Hit By SUV (Case No. 200925, Insurance: GEICO)

$770,000 Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk In Seattle U-District (Case No. 200910, Insurance: National Surety Corporation)

$750,000 Settlement Motorcycle Injury Accident Read The Client Story

$700,000 Settlement for Infant Burned by Hospital Read The Client Story

$700,000 T-Bone Accident When At-Fault Driver Ran Stop Sign (Case No. 201357, Insurance: Safeco)

$700,000 Seriously Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 201347, Insurance: Farmers)

$650,000 Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 201005, Insurance: MetLife)

$650,000 Bicycle Accident In Shopping Center Parking Lot (Case No. 200862, Insurance: Travelers)

$600,000 Vehicle Struck By Commerical Vehicle (Case No. 201114, Insurance: Canal)

$600,000 Vehicle Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200393, Insurance: Great West)

$600,000 Settlement in Boating Accident Case Read The Client Story

$600,000 Person Injured In Dog Attack (Case No. 200598, Insurance: Grange)

$600,000 Passenger Injured By Reckless Driver (Case No. 200677, Insurance: Farmers)

$600,000 Man On Bicycle Struck In Bike Lane (Case No. 200146, Insurance: K&K Insurance Group)

$600,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200574, Insurance: Allstate)

$600,000 Settlement for Family of Victim Killed in DUI Collision Read The Client Story

$585,000 Settlement for Death of 72 year-old Man

$570,000 Struck By Speeding Car That Ran Stop Light (Case No. 201037, Insurance: Farmers)

$550,000 Pedestrian Struck By Car On Sidewalk (Case No. 200804, Insurance: Pemco)

$550,000 Bicycle Rider Struck By Car (Case No. 201007, Insurance: Safeco)

$550,000 Accident Caused By Driver Crossing Center Line (Case No. 201476, Insurance: Progressive)

$550,000 Jury Verdict for Nonsurgical Herniated Disc

$500,000 Seattle Bicycle Rider Struck By Vehicle (Case No. 201211, Insurance: Safeco)

$500,000 Pedestrian Hit By Van (Case No. 200188, Insurance: Farmers)

$500,000 Parked Car Hit By Reckless Driver (Case No. 200798, Insurance: Oregon Mutual)

$500,000 Hit By Drunk Driver With No Headlights (Case No. 200940, Insurance: Allstate)

$500,000 Crash Caused By Driver Impaired By Drungs (Case No. 201034, Insurance: GEICO)

$500,000 Accident Caused By Driver of Stolen Vehicle (Case No. 200676, Insurance: Allstate)

$500,000 Settlement in Pit Bull Mauling Attack Read The Client Story

$500,000 Settlement For Car Accident Back Injury

$500,000 Jury Award Against Farmers Insurance

$487,550 Jury Award in Car Accident Case

$471,440 Jury Award In Automobile Collision Back Injury Case

$454,000 Jury Award For Accident Victim with Back and Neck Injuries

$450,000 Sedan Hit By SUV (Case No. 200379, Insurance: State Farm)

$450,000 Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200516, Insurance: Confidential)

$450,000 Pedestrian Hit By Van (Case No. 200846, Insurance: Allstate)

$425,000 Car Accident Settlement for Victim of Roll-over Accident

$420,000 School Bus Accident (Case No. 200833, Insurance: Canfield)

$420,000 Settlement For Child Suffering TBI

$420,000 Settlement For 7 yr old Hit on Bicycle

$416,500 Settlement for Children With Car Accident Injuries

$415,000 Settlement for Young Boy Hit by Car While Exiting Bus

$410,000 Settlement For Rear-End Car Accident Victim

$400,000 Woman In Wheel Chair Involved In Car Accident (Case No. 200517, Insurance: Safeco)

$400,000 Vehicle Hit Head-On While At Stop Lisght (Case No. 200877, Insurance: USAA)

$400,000 Vehicle Crashes Into Cable Barrier (Case No. 200777, Insurance: National Interstate)

$400,000 T-Boned On Ranier Avenue (Case No. 201052, Insurance: Progressive)

$400,000 Settlement For 7 year old Boy Hit by Ford Explorer

$400,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Light (Case No. 200405, Insurance: Pemco)

$400,000 Passenger Injured When Driver Hits Elk (Case No. 201108, Insurance: Grange)

$400,000 Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200063, Insurance: Encompass)

$400,000 Drunk Driver Texting Causes Accident (Case No. 200572, Insurance: Grange)

$400,000 Car Accident Caused By Driver Running Stop Sign (Case No. 200631, Insurance: USAA)

$372,000 Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200144, Insurance: Safeco)

$362,500 Verdict for Car Accident Victim With Herniated Disc

$360,000 Semi Truck Hits Car On I-90 (Case No. 200497, Insurance: Northland)

$360,000 Settlement for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

$350,000 Scooter Driver Hit In Crosswalk (Case No. 200525, Insurance: CNA Insurance)

$350,000 Mutli-Vehicle Car Accident (Case No. 200028, Insurance: ACE American)

$350,000 Settlement In SeaTac Rear-end Accident

$350,000 Jury Award For Lumbar Herniated Disc | Settlement Offer $125,000

$350,000 Herniated Disc Settlement For Drunk Driving Accident Victim

$335,000 Construction Truck Causes Car A Accident (Case No. 200269, Insurance: Confidential)

$335,000 Settlement for Car Accident Victim with Fractured Back

$330,000 Accident Caused By Driver Crossing The Double-Yellow Line (Case No. 200834, Insurance: Progressive)

$330,000 Settlement After Bus Accident

$340,000 Family Rear-Ended In Car Accident (Case No. 200711, Insurance: Pemco)

$320,000 Unsafe Right Turn Causes Car Crash (Case No. 200539, Insurance: Travelers)

$315,000 T-Boned On Driver's Side Of Car (Case No. 200510, Insurance: The Hartford)

$310,000 Passenger Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200527, Insurance: GEICO)

$300,000 Red-Light Runner Causes Accident (Case No. 200825, Insurance: The Hartford)

$300,000 Passenger Injured When Vehicle Hits Tree (Case No. 200725, Insurance: American Family)

$300,000 Out Of Control Driver Causes Accident (Case No. 200806, Insurance: Safeco)

$300,000 Dog Attack (Case No. 200748, Insurance: State Farm)

$300,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 201004, Insurance: MetLife)

$300,000 Car Spins Out Of Control In Accident (Case No. 200058, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$300,000 Car Hit When Vehicle Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200886, Insurance: USAA)

$300,000 Car Accident On Westlake Avenue (Case No. 200483, Insurance: State Farm)

$300,000 Car Accident On Boren Avenue (Case No. 200494, Insurance: Allstate)

$300,000 Bicycle Hit By Vehicle Exiting Driveway (Case No. 200617, Insurance: Farmers)

$300,000 Settlement in Asleep-At-The-Wheel Delivery Truck Accident

$300,000 Settlement for Low Back Injury

$300,000 Settement for Low Back Disc Protrusion

$298,365 Delivery Truck Causes Accident (Case No. 200306, Insurance: The Hartford)

$290,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200078, Insurance: Travelers)

$275,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200654, Insurance: Philadelphia Indemnity)

$275,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200606, Insurance: Fireman's Fund)

$270,000 Drunk Driver Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200442, Insurance: Farmers)

$260,000 Chain Reaction, Multi-Car Collision (Case No. 200364, Insurance: Safeco)

$250,000 Wrong-Way Driver Causes Serious Injury Crash (Case No. 200840, Insurance: Safeco)

$250,000 Woman On Modped Hit By Unsafe Driver (Case No. 200866, Insurance: GEICO)

$250,000 Victim Hit By Teen Driver Pulling Out Of Parking Lot (Case No. 200816, Insurance: Kemper Specialty)

$250,000 T-bone Accident Pushes Victim Car Into Head-On Crash (Case No. 200593, Insurance: State Farm)

$250,000 Motorcyclist Hit By Teen Driver Making Illegal U-Turn (Case No. 201480, Insurance: Progressive)

$250,000 Motorcyclist Hit By Car Making Unsafe Turn (Case No. 201228, Insurance: State Farm)

$250,000 Motorcycle Rider Hit By Car On Highway 2 (Case No. 200937, Insurance: Middlesex)

$250,000 Injured In Rear-End Roll-Over Accident (Case No. 200914, Insurance: Allstate)

$250,000 Hit When At-Fault Driver Made Unsafe Left Turn (Case No. 200732, Insurance: GEICO)

$250,000 Hit By Unsafe Driver And Pushed Into Greenbelt (Case No. 200766, Insurance: State Farm)

$250,000 Dog Bite / Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200129, Insurance: California Casualty)

$250,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200505, Insurance: Nationwide)

$250,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200470, Insurance: Confidential)

$250,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200205, Insurance: Allstate)

$250,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200104, Insurance: Allstate)

$250,000 At-fault Driver Makes Illegal U-Turn Causing Crash (Case No. 200610, Insurance: Farmers)

$250,000 Settlement to Dropped Alzheimers Resident

$250,000 Settlement in International Blouvard Car Accident Case

$250,000 Settlement For Semi Truck Accident Victim That Lost Testicle Gets

$250,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Rider - Herniated Disc

$245,000 Injured By Mail / Postal Truck (Case No. 200101, Insurance: Confidential)

$240,000 Pedestrian Hit By SUV In Parking Lot (Case No. 200818, Insurance: National General)

$240,000 Passenger Injured In Car Accident (Case No. 200946, Insurance: Pemco)

$230,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200338, Insurance: MAPFRE)

$230,000 Settlement for Rear-End Car Accident Victim

$225,500 Accident Caused By Unsafe Lane Change (Case No. 200565, Insurance: GEICO)

$225,000 Settlement for Maintenance Worker Using Unsafe Ladder

$220,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200256, Insurance: Allstate)

$217,444 Injured When Side-Swiped By Another Vehicle (Case No. 200189, Insurance: Allstate)

$210,000 Chain Reaction, Rear-End, Multi-Vehicle Crash (Case No. 200888, Insurance: Progressive)

$202,000 Hit By Driver That Ran A Red Light (Case No. 200885, Insurance: State Farm)

$200,000 T-Boned Exiting Driveway By Speeding Vehicle (Case No. 200530, Insurance: Kemper Preferred)

$200,000 T-Bone By Drunk Driver (Case No. 201224, Insurance: State Farm)

$200,000 T-Bone Accident Caused By A Driver's Failure To Yield (Case No. 200454, Insurance: State Farm)

$200,000 Semi Truck Strikes Low Clearance Overpass Causing Crash (Case No. 200573, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Rear-Ended On 1-5 On-Ramp (Case No. 200712, Insurance: Farmers)

$200,000 Rear-Ended On 1-5 In Downtown Seattle (Case No. 200586, Insurance: Progressive)

$200,000 Rear-Ended In Stop-And-Go Traffic (Case No. 200908, Insurance: GEICO)

$200,000 Rear-Ended At I-90 & 405 Interchange (Case No. 200600, Insurance: Titan Insurance)

$200,000 Pwrongful Death of Pedestrian Killed After Exiting Bus (Case No. 200509, Insurance: The Hartford)

$200,000 Pedestrians Struck By Speeding Vehicle (Case No. 201047, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck On Sidewalk By Left-Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200685, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck On Sidewalk (Case No. 200584, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck In Safeway Parking Lot Suffers Serious Injuries (Case No. 200521, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck in Marked Crosswalk (Case No. 200905, Insurance: USAA)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck In Crosswalk By Left-Turning Car (Case No. 201472, Insurance: State Farm)

$200,000 Pedestrian Struck By Commercial Vehicle In Parking Lot (Case No. 200829, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk By Left-Turning Vehcile (Case No. 200522, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Pedestrian Hit By Driver Failing To Yield Right Of Way (Case No. 201089, Insurance: Farmers)

$200,000 Passenger Injured When Vehicle Hits Animal (Case No. 200948, Insurance: The Hartford)

$200,000 Motorcycle Collision With Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200835, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Injured In Rear-End Collision (Case No. 200196, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Injured In Failure To Yield Rear-End Roll-Over Crash (Case No. 200439, Insurance: USAA)

$200,000 Injured In Crash Caused By High Speed Police Chace (Case No. 201171, Insurance: Pemco)

$200,000 Dog Attacks Unsuspecting Victim (Case No. 200819, Insurance: Allstate)

$200,000 Crash Caused By Wrong-Way Driver (Case No. 200726, Insurance: USAA)

$200,000 Crash Caused By Out-Of-Control Driver (Case No. 200857, Insurance: USAA)

$200,000 Confidential Dog Bite Case (Case No. 200931, Insurance: American Bankers of Florida)

$200,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200039, Insurance: Grange)

$200,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200035, Insurance: State Farm)

$200,000 Accident Caused By Driver Failing To Yield (Case No. 200336, Insurance: GEICO)

$200,000 Settlement in Island Co. Car Accident

$200,000 Settlement for Rear-End Accident Victim

$200,000 Settlement for 5 yr-old Girl Bitten on Face and Scalp

$198,000 Rear-Ended By Speeding Car (Case No. 200772, Insurance: USAA)

$198,000 Brain Injury Victim Hit In Rear-End Collison (Case No. 200783, Insurance: USAA)

$197,000 Teen Driver Rear-Ends Family With Four Children (Case No. 200468, Insurance: Progressive)

$196,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200057, Insurance: Carolina Casualty)

$190,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Sign (Case No. 200307, Insurance: Pemco)

$187,500 Settlement for Dog Bite Victim

$187,390 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200625, Insurance: Farmers)

$185,000 Injured When Sideswiped By A Van (Case No. 201116, Insurance: GEICO)

$180,000 T-Boned By SUV In Parking Lot (Case No. 200581, Insurance: Sentry Insurance)

$180,000 Rear-Ended When Stopped For School Bus (Case No. 200605, Insurance: Allstate)

$180,000 Motorcycle Rear-Ended At Stop Lisght (Case No. 200528, Insurance: State Farm)

$175,048 Injured In Head-On Crash At Stop Light (Case No. 200720, Insurance: Allstate)

$170,000 Rear-Ended While Stopped (Case No. 200591, Insurance: Allstate)

$168,000 Hit By Speeding Driver On 520 Near I-405 (Case No. 200786, Insurance: Middlesex)

$166,000 Hit By Car Backing Up (Case No. 200353, Insurance: Progressive)

$165,000 Injured In Rear-End Collision (Case No. 200178, Insurance: Progressive)

$165,000 Auto Accident Settlement for T-bone Accident Victim

$161,000 Injured In Head-On Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200459, Insurance: GEICO)

$160,000 Sideswiped And Pshed Into Fire Hydrant (Case No. 200309, Insurance: State Farm)

$160,000 Rear-End Accident Caused By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200240, Insurance: Pemco)

$160,000 At-fault Driver Fails To Yield (Case No. 200507, Insurance: Pemco)

$156,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver At Stop Light (Case No. 200793, Insurance: Progressive)

$156,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver At Stop Light (Case No. 200793, Insurance: Progressive)

$155,000 Hit By Driver Trying To Beat The Light (Case No. 200644, Insurance: Allstate)

$155,000 Settlement for Whiplash Injury

$154,397 Illegal U-Turn Causes T-Bone Roll-Over Accident (Case No. 200596, Insurance: Farmers)

$154,000 Settlement For Car Accident Victim for Serious Back Injuries

$151,296 Crash Caused By Driver Failing To Stop At Intersection (Case No. 200571, Insurance: National General)

$150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull Mix (Case No. 200670, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull (Case No. 200534, Insurance: Farmers)

$150,000 Teen Pedestrian Struck By Car In Renton (Case No. 200843, Insurance: GEICO)

$150,000 T-Bone While Stopped In The Turning Lane (Case No. 200964, Insurance: Kemper Preferred)

$150,000 Rear-Ended On Route 9 (Case No. 200630, Insurance: Allstate)

$150,000 Rear-Ended By Rented Moving Truck (Case No. 200624, Insurance: Allstate)

$150,000 Motorcyclist Hit By Teen Driver With Teen Passengers (Case No. 200972, Insurance: Progressive)

$150,000 Motor Scooter Hit By Unsafe Driver (Case No. 200935, Insurance: MetLife)

$150,000 Man Attacked By Pitbull Mix (Case No. 200604, Insurance: American Bankers of Florida)

$150,000 Crash Caused By Driver Running Red Light (Case No. 200758, Insurance: State Farm)

$150,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200110, Insurance: Chartis)

$150,000 Commercial Truck Backs Into Car (Case No. 200342, Insurance: The Hartford)

$150,000 Settlement for Victim of Semi-Truck Accident

$150,000 Settlement for TOS Injury

$150,000 Settlement for Fall In Hospital

$150,000 Settlement for 12 year old boy

$150,000 Injury Caused by "Runaway Tire" Off a Boat Trailer

$146,148 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver (Case No. 200199, Insurance: Safeco)

$146,148 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver (Case No. 200199, Insurance: Safeco)

$140,000 Pedestrian Struck In Goodwill Donation Lane (Case No. 200556, Insurance: USAA)

$140,000 Pedestrian Hit In Redmond Crosswalk (Case No. 200662, Insurance: GEICO)

$140,000 Settlement for Campers Run Over by Jeep

$138,000 Car T-Boned By Red Light Running SUV (Case No. 200554, Insurance: Farmers)

$136,000 T-Boned At Intersection (Case No. 200588, Insurance: State Farm)

$136,000 Rear-Ended At On-Ramp Metered Light (Case No. 200206, Insurance: Grange)

$135,000 Rear-End Collision Accident (Case No. 200262, Insurance: USAA)

$135,000 Pedestrial Crossing With Signal Hit In Crosswalk (Case No. 200197, Insurance: The Hartford)

$130,000 Three-Car Pile-Up Accident, Several Injured (Case No. 200708, Insurance: Safeco)

$130,000 Rear-Ended on I-405 Near I-90 Interchange (Case No. 200484, Insurance: Safeco)

$130,000 Rear-Ended On Highway Off-Ramp (Case No. 200795, Insurance: Pemco)

$129,691 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200377, Insurance: Titan Insurance)

$127,000 Man Attacked By Dog (Case No. 201063, Insurance: Pemco)

$125,000 Passenger Injured In Head-On Accident (Case No. 201032, Insurance: Hartford Casualty)

$125,000 Head-On Collision On Highway 14 (Case No. 201031, Insurance: Hartford Casualty)

$125,000 Distracted Driver Causes Car Accident Injuries (Case No. 200043, Insurance: Progressive)

$125,000 Settlement for Hospital Fall

$125,000 For Dog Bite Bite on Arms & Legs

$121,033 Injured In Crash When Drunk Driver Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200622, Insurance: Pemco)

$120,000 Two-Car Motor Vehicle Collison (Case No. 200314, Insurance: Nationwide)

$120,000 T-Boned By Car Failing To Stop At Light (Case No. 200320, Insurance: State Farm)

$120,000 Red-Light Running Driver Causes T-Bone Crash (Case No. 200491, Insurance: The Hartford)

$120,000 Rear-Ended By Chevy Suburban (Case No. 200707, Insurance: Allstate)

$120,000 Rear-Ended At 35 mph (Case No. 200245, Insurance: USAA)

$120,000 Pedestrian Hit By Right-Turning Driver After Exiting Bus (Case No. 200703, Insurance: USAA)

$120,000 Drunk Driver Hits Limo (Case No. 200706, Insurance: USAA)

$120,000 Driver Distracted By Mobile Phone App Causes Crash (Case No. 200216, Insurance: State Farm)

$120,000 At-Fault Driver Runs Stop Sign (Case No. 200595, Insurance: American Family)

$117,500 Rear-End Multi-Car Accident (Case No. 200239, Insurance: Nationwide)

$116,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Light In Bellevue (Case No. 200827, Insurance: Allstate)

$115,160 Two-Vehicle Motor Vehicle Collision (Case No. 200860, Insurance: The Hartford)

$114,000 Texting Driver Causes Motor Vehcile Accident (Case No. 201274, Insurance: GEICO)

$113,600 Rear-Ended While Stopped For Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200735, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$110,000 Two-Vehicle Side-Impact Collision (Case No. 200752, Insurance: State Farm)

$110,000 Rear-Ended Wile Stopped, Pushed Into Other Vehicles (Case No. 200140, Insurance: Gallagher Bassett)

$110,000 Rear-Ended On Side Of Highway While Making Repairs (Case No. 200281, Insurance: Progressive)

$110,000 Injured In Crash Caused By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200249, Insurance: USAA)

$110,000 Car Accident Caused By At-Fault Driver (Case No. 200270, Insurance: Nationwide)

$106,650 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200026, Insurance: Allstate)

$104,405 Pedestrian Struck By Pickup Truck In Crosswalk (Case No. 200852, Insurance: Farmers)

$102,856 Stopped At Intersection, Struck By Red-Light Running Car (Case No. 200585, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,487 Rear-Ended By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200030, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Two-Vehicle Accident On Mult-Lane Road (Case No. 201095, Insurance: Farmers)

$100,000 T-Boned By Drunk Driver Running Stop Light (Case No. 201436, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$100,000 T-Boned By Driver Failing To Yield (Case No. 200898, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Rear-Ended Twice By Same Truck (Case No. 200225, Insurance: Safeco)

$100,000 Rear-Ended In Microsoft Campus Parking Log (Case No. 200360, Insurance: Ameriprise)

$100,000 Rear-Ended During Slow Traffic On SR 202 (Case No. 200851, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Rear-Ended During Rain Storm (Case No. 200820, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Freight Truck In Stop-And-Go Traffic (Case No. 200697, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver (Case No. 201145, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Distracted Highway Driver (Case No. 200924, Insurance: Encompass)

$100,000 Rear-Ended At Gas Station (Case No. 200802, Insurance: Oregon Mutual)

$100,000 Rear-End Accident Caused By Texting Driver (Case No. 200195, Insurance: Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)

$100,000 Pedestrian Hit By Truck In Grocery Store Parking Lot (Case No. 201195, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$100,000 Pedestrian Hit By SUV On Sidewalk (Case No. 201093, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Pedestrian Hit By Delivery Truck (Case No. 201187, Insurance: Progressive)

$100,000 Pedestrian Hit By Car In Shopping Center Parking Lot (Case No. 200506, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Passenger In Vehicle Rear-Ended (Case No. 200637, Insurance: Nationwide)

$100,000 Motorcycle Hit By Car Making Unsafe Turn (Case No. 201428, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Motorcycle Crash Into Car Making Usafe Turn (Case No. 201002, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident Caused By Car (Case No. 201296, Insurance: Safeco)

$100,000 Injured While Sitting In Rear-Ended Parked Car (Case No. 200210, Insurance: Progressive)

$100,000 Freeway Collision at 60 mph (Case No. 200755, Insurance: USAA)

$100,000 Drunk Driver Fails To Yield At Stop Sign Causing Crash (Case No. 200583, Insurance: Farmers)

$100,000 Drunk Driver Causes Accident On West Seattle Bridge (Case No. 201070, Insurance: Progressive)

$100,000 Driver Distracted By Phone Causes Accident (Case No. 200618, Insurance: American Modern)

$100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200235, Insurance: Confidential)

$100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Injury Accident (Case No. 200185, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Car Crash (Case No. 200576, Insurance: American Family)

$100,000 Crash Caused By Intoxicated DUI Driver (Case No. 200810, Insurance: Farmers)

$100,000 Chain Reaction Multi-Car Rear-End Accident (Case No. 200347, Insurance: Safeco)

$100,000 Car Rear-Ended At Red Light (Case No. 200317, Insurance: USAA)

$100,000 Car Hit Broadside By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200674, Insurance: Progressive)

$100,000 Bicycle Hit By Van Turning In Front (Case No. 200549, Insurance: Allstate)

$100,000 At-Fault Driver Ran Stop Sign And T-Boned Victim (Case No. 200531, Insurance: State Farm)

$100,000 Accident Caused By Vehicle That Lost A Tire (Case No. 201140, Insurance: GEICO)

$100,000 Accident Caused By Driver Wearing Headphones (Case No. 200160, Insurance: Progressive)

$100,000 Wrongful Death Settlement for Pedestrian Hit by Senior Driver

$100,000 Settlement in Poulsbo Rear-End Accident

$100,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Accident in Safeway Parking Lot

$100,000 Settlement for Dog Attack Victim Bitten on the Face

$100,000 Fall at Hospital

$100,000 Car Accident Settlement in Tacoma

$100,000 Awarded to Injured Pedestrian

$98,000 Verdict for Whiplash Injury

$96,500 Pedestrian Hit While Jogging (Case No. 200738, Insurance: Pemco)

$95,000 Car Accident Caused By Vehicle Making Illegal U-Turn (Case No. 200635, Insurance: State Farm)

$92,584 At-Fault Driver Ran Stop Sign Causing Crash (Case No. 200791, Insurance: State Farm)

$91,500 Roadway Debris Causes Car Crash (Case No. 200675, Insurance: Hallmark)

$90,000 Rear-End Accident in Kent (Case No. 200856, Insurance: 21st Century)

$90,000 Man Attacked By Neighbor's Unleashed Dog (Case No. 200582, Insurance: Allstate)

$90,000 Head-On Crash Caused By Failure To Yield (Case No. 200464, Insurance: State Farm)

$90,000 Distracted Driver Causes Two-Vehicle Collsion (Case No. 200122, Insurance: Northland)

$89,096 Hit By Car Speeding In School Zone (Case No. 200769, Insurance: Allstate)

$88,000 Turning Car Hit By Speeding Vehicle (Case No. 201181, Insurance: Safeco)

$85,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Light Intersection (Case No. 200628, Insurance: State Farm)

$84,000 Teen Driver Causes Rear-End Collision (Case No. 200163, Insurance: GEICO)

$84,000 Crash Into Parked Car Injures Passengers (Case No. 200797, Insurance: Oregon Mutual)

$84,000 Car Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200759, Insurance: State Farm)

$83,000 Distracted Driver Causes Collision (Case No. 200363, Insurance: MetLife)

$82,893 Multi-Vehicle Accident On I-5 (Case No. 200942, Insurance: Farmers)

$80,000 Woman Bitten By Unleashed Dog (Case No. 200533, Insurance: Farmers)

$80,000 Two-Vehicle Crash Caused By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200489, Insurance: Great West)

$80,000 Rear-Ended On I-5 Exit Ramp (Case No. 200514, Insurance: American Commerce)

$80,000 Merging Vehicle Crashes Into Highway Traffic (Case No. 200592, Insurance: State Farm)

$80,000 Driver Runs Read-Light And Crashes Into Car (Case No. 200567, Insurance: Pemco)

$77,295 Motorcycle Hit By Car In Boeing Parking Lot (Case No. 200875, Insurance: American Family)

$77,048 Rear-Ended At Southcenter Mall (Case No. 200629, Insurance: Allstate)

$75,000 Stopped On Shoulder After Accident, Hit Again (Case No. 200400, Insurance: State Farm)

$75,000 Pedestrian In Crosswalk Hit By Taxi Cab (Case No. 200324, Insurance: Specialty Risk Services)

$75,000 Bicycle Hit My Motor Vehicle (Case No. 200081, Insurance: Great American)

$75,000 Accident Caused By Cell Phone Distracted Driver (Case No. 200335, Insurance: North Pacific)

$75,000 Settlement Paid by City of Seattle Paysfor Bicycle Accident

$74,529 Cell Phone Distracted Driver Causes Crash (Case No. 200086, Insurance: Allstate)

$74,000 Pedestrian Struck In Hospital Parking Lot (Case No. 200496, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$73,545 Pedestrian Hit By Pickup Truck IN Crosswalk (Case No. 200871, Insurance: Travelers)

$70,000 Motorcycle Cut Off My Car (Case No. 200616, Insurance: Safeco)

$70,000 Motor Vehicle Collision Between Two Vehicles (Case No. 200098, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$70,000 DUI Driver Rear-Ends Car At Stop Light (Case No. 200698, Insurance: State Farm)

$70,000 Dog Bites Young Boy (Case No. 200980, Insurance: State Farm)

$70,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200253, Insurance: GEICO)

$70,000 Commercial Truck Turns Into Car (Case No. 201098, Insurance: Nationwide)

$69,000 Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Collision (Case No. 200388, Insurance: Pemco)

$68,000 Vehicle Hits Pedestrian In Crosswalk (Case No. 201077, Insurance: Zurich)

$68,000 Rear-Ended In Stop-And-Go Accident (Case No. 201039, Insurance: Pennsylvania Lumbermens)

$68,000 Passenger In Car Hit By Drunk Driver Head-On (Case No. 200526, Insurance: GEICO)

$68,000 Delivery Truck Hits Another Commercial Vehicle (Case No. 200636, Insurance: State Farm)

$67,444 Unsafe Lane Change Causes Car Accident (Case No. 200190, Insurance: Allstate)

$67,000 Rear-Ended At 50 mpg (Case No. 200228, Insurance: Fireman's Fund)

$66,700 Dog Bites Woman On Face (Case No. 200421, Insurance: Allstate)

$66,000 Stopped In Traffic Jam When Rear-Ended (Case No. 200979, Insurance: Allstate)

$66,000 Commercial Vehicle Causes Motor Vehicle Accident (Case No. 200841, Insurance: Farmers)

$65,000 Rear-End Crash Pushes Truck Into Oncoming Traffic (Case No. 200432, Insurance: State Farm)

$62,000 Texting Driver Causes Rear-End Collision (Case No. 200394, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$62,000 Boy On Bicycle Hit While Riding In Neighborhood (Case No. 200647, Insurance: Pemco)

$60,000 T-Boned In Uncontrolled Intersection (Case No. 200472, Insurance: Farmers)

$60,000 Rear-Ended While Parked On The Side Of The Streen (Case No. 200503, Insurance: State Farm)

$60,000 Rear-Ended On Interstate 5 (Case No. 200523, Insurance: State Farm)

$60,000 Pedestrian Hit By Car That Was Rear-Ended (Case No. 200659, Insurance: American Family)

$60,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Caused By Other Driver (Case No. 201003, Insurance: Progressive)

$60,000 Dog Bites Woman Walking Near Home (Case No. 200754, Insurance: State Farm)

$60,000 Distracted Driving Accident Causes Back Injuries (Case No. 200615, Insurance: USAA)

$60,000 Confidential Case Details (Case No. 200090, Insurance: Kemper Specialty)

$57,400 Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident On Multi-Lane Road (Case No. 200478, Insurance: American Family)

$57,000 Car Hit By Vehicle Merging Onto I-5 (Case No. 200666, Insurance: Nationwide)

$56,000 Two-Vehicle Rear-End Accident On I-5 (Case No. 200409, Insurance: State Farm)

$56,000 Rear-Ended While At A Complete Stop (Case No. 200218, Insurance: Safeco)

$56,000 Crash Caused By Pizza Delivery Vehicle (Case No. 200847, Insurance: Pemco)

$55,533 Crash Caused By Asleep-At-The-Wheel Driver (Case No. 201009, Insurance: Safeco)

$55,468 Vehicle System Failure Causes Accident (Case No. 200563, Insurance: Progressive)

$55,000 Rear-Ended Twice In The Same Accident (Case No. 200198, Insurance: Farmers)

$50,000 Vehicle Rear-Ended By Car Running Stop Sign (Case No. 201322, Insurance: Allstate)

$50,000 Truck Turns Left Into Oncoming Vehicle (Case No. 201268, Insurance: Kemper Specialty)

$50,000 T-Boned In Two-Car Accident (Case No. 200773, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 T-Boned In Rush Hour Traffic (Case No. 200861, Insurance: Hallmark)

$50,000 Rear-Ended When Slowing For Yellow Light (Case No. 201197, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Rear-Ended On I-90 I-405 Interchange (Case No. 200626, Insurance: Pemco)

$50,000 Rear-Ended In Stopped Traffic On I-5 (Case No. 201141, Insurance: Progressive)

$50,000 Rear-Ended In Stopped Traffic Jam (Case No. 200327, Insurance: Safeco)

$50,000 Rear-Ended In Heavy Downtown Traffic (Case No. 200831, Insurance: Confidential)

$50,000 Rear-Ended By Semi Truck (Case No. 200490, Insurance: Great West)

$50,000 Rear-Ended By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200663, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Rear-Ended And Pushed Into Another Vehicle (Case No. 200301, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Rear-End Collision Pushes Car Into Guard Rail (Case No. 200535, Insurance: Nationwide)

$50,000 Rear-End Accident On I-5 (Case No. 201196, Insurance: National General)

$50,000 Rear-End Accident In Normandy Park (Case No. 201165, Insurance: Progressive)

$50,000 Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk Due To Failure To Yield (Case No. 200555, Insurance: Patriot General)

$50,000 Pedestrian Hit By Car In Marked Crosswalk (Case No. 201335, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Passenger Injured When Car Hits Tree (Case No. 200969, Insurance: State Farm)

$50,000 Passenger Injured In T-Bone Accident (Case No. 200774, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Mutli-Vehicle Car Accident (Case No. 200254, Insurance: Pemco)

$50,000 Motorcycle Rear-Ended On Street (Case No. 200619, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Motorcycle Hit Head-On By Motor Vehicle (Case No. 200800, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$50,000 Motorcycle Hit By Vehicle Making U-Turn (Case No. 201202, Insurance: Ameriprise)

$50,000 Injured In Roll-Over Accident (Case No. 201014, Insurance: American Family)

$50,000 Injured In Ride-Share Vehicle (Case No. 200545, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Injured In Denny Way Car Accident (Case No. 200504, Insurance: Farmers)

$50,000 Injured In Accident Involving Uber Driver (Case No. 200982, Insurance: MetLife)

$50,000 Head-On Beacon Hill Motor Vehicle Crash (Case No. 200891, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Federal Way Red Light Running Accident (Case No. 200805, Insurance: USAA)

$50,000 Drunk Driving Crash On I-405 (Case No. 200762, Insurance: Progressive)

$50,000 Drunk Driver Ran Stop Light Causing Accident (Case No. 200326, Insurance: Progressive)

$50,000 Couple Hit In Head-On Collision (Case No. 200922, Insurance: 21st Century)

$50,000 Car Performs Unsafe Exit From Gas Station Causing Accident (Case No. 200962, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Car Hit Head On By Vehicle Running Traffic List (Case No. 201294, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Bicycle Hit By Opening Car Door (Case No. 201134, Insurance: GEICO)

$50,000 Accident Caused By Unsafe Left-Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200382, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$50,000 5-Car Accident Caused By Semi Truck (Case No. 200536, Insurance: United Insurance Group)

$50,000 10 Year Old Passenger Injured In Car Accident (Case No. 200290, Insurance: Safeco)

$46,000 Pedestrian Hit In Marked Crosswalk With Walk Signal (Case No. 201191, Insurance: State Farm)

$46,000 Car Lost Control In Snow Causing Head-On Collision (Case No. 200304, Insurance: Progressive)

$45,400 Hit By Car With No Headlights (Case No. 200350, Insurance: MetLife)

$45,000 T-Boned By Driver Failing To Yield To Stop Sign (Case No. 200339, Insurance: State Farm)

$45,000 Rear Ended By Driver Talking On Phone (Case No. 200167, Insurance: Philidelphia Insurance)

$44,000 Speeding Bus Driver Crashes Into Two Cars (Case No. 200767, Insurance: Lancer)

$43,286 4-Car Crash On Interstate I-5 (Case No. 200855, Insurance: State Farm)

$43,000 Rear-Ended On Lake City Way (Case No. 200824, Insurance: Country Financial)

$42,431 Pedestrian Walking Dogs Hit By Minivan From Behind (Case No. 200560, Insurance: State Farm)

$42,000 Drunk Driver Causes Motor Vehicle Collision (Case No. 200808, Insurance: Middlesex)

$41,967 Roll-Over Accident Caused By Unsafe Turn (Case No. 200340, Insurance: Confidential)

$41,000 Student Hit By Car In Crosswalk Near School (Case No. 200923, Insurance: Allstate)

$41,000 Rear-Ended On I-90 to I-5 On-Ramp (Case No. 200651, Insurance: State Farm)

$40,852 Distracted Driver Hits Monther Driving With Two Small Children (Case No. 200719, Insurance: State Farm)

$40,840 Utility Truck Side Swipes Vehicle On I-5 (Case No. 200325, Insurance: State Farm)

$40,574 T-Boned By Driver That Ran Stop Sign (Case No. 201092, Insurance: GEICO)

$40,000 T-Boned By Car Making Illegal Left Turn (Case No. 200682, Insurance: State Farm)

$40,000 T-Boned At Uncontrolled Intersection (Case No. 200751, Insurance: Farmers)

$40,000 T-Boned At Intersection During Snow Storm (Case No. 200303, Insurance: Harco National)

$40,000 Semi Truck Fails To Yield Causes Crash (Case No. 200868, Insurance: Western National Assurance)

$40,000 Rear-Ended On Highway 169 (Case No. 200540, Insurance: Pemco)

$40,000 Injured In Parked Car Hit In Fred Meyer Parking Lot (Case No. 200699, Insurance: Allstate)

$40,000 Head-On Collision With Driver Than Ran Red Light (Case No. 200645, Insurance: State Farm)

$40,000 Accident Caused By Unsafe Left Turn (Case No. 200648, Insurance: Kemper Preferred)

$38,750 Passenger Injured In Seattle Car Accident (Case No. 200482, Insurance: State Farm)

$38,700 Two-Vehicle Rear End Accident In Seattle (Case No. 200334, Insurance: GEICO)

$38,400 Car Hits Two Pedestrians On Sidewalk (Case No. 200480, Insurance: State Farm)

$38,000 Rear-Ended At 30 mph (Case No. 200733, Insurance: Omni Insurance)

$37,500 T-Boned By Hydroplaning Vehicle (Case No. 200473, Insurance: USAA)

$36,500 Distracted Driver Causes Collision (Case No. 200313, Insurance: Nationwide)

$36,000 Rear-Ended By Construction Worker On I-5 (Case No. 200492, Insurance: Travelers)

$36,000 Neck Injury After Car Accident (Case No. 200475, Insurance: Great West)

$35,000 Rear-Ended On Rainier Ave (Case No. 201066, Insurance: Travelers)

$34,450 Rear-Ended On I-90 to I-5 Exit Ramp (Case No. 200650, Insurance: State Farm)

$34,000 Passengers Injured In Uber Vehicle (Case No. 201090, Insurance: Confidential)

$33,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Light (Case No. 200543, Insurance: Allstate)

$32,500 Cutoff Driver Crashes Into Van (Case No. 200257, Insurance: Safeco)

$32,152 T-Boned By Driver Exiting Fred Meyer Parking Lot (Case No. 200838, Insurance: Pemco)

$32,000 Pedestrian Hit In Unregulated Crosswalk (Case No. 201175, Insurance: Progressive)

$32,000 Broken Leg Injury In Car Accident (Case No. 201082, Insurance: Pemco)

$30,000 Rear-Ended By Driver Crossing Multiple Lanes Of Traffic (Case No. 201137, Insurance: GEICO)

$30,000 Rear-Ended At Stop Light At 25 mph (Case No. 200541, Insurance: Pemco)

$30,000 Pedestrian Struck By Passing Vehicle (Case No. 200080, Insurance: GEICO)

$30,000 Head-One Collision on Highway 526 (Case No. 200921, Insurance: 21st Century)

$30,000 Driver Runs Stop Sign Causing Accident (Case No. 200173, Insurance: Allstate)

$29,333 Driver Fails To Signal Turn Causing Collision (Case No. 201081, Insurance: Pemco)

$28,840 Pedestrian Hit In Macy's Parking Lot (Case No. 200686, Insurance: American Commerce)

$28,800 Unsafe Turn Causes Accident on 164th (Case No. 201186, Insurance: Farmers)

$28,000 4-Car Rear-End Crash (Case No. 200105, Insurance: Liberty Mutual)

$27,000 Head-On Collision In Bellevue (Case No. 200731, Insurance: Safeco)

$27,000 3-Car Chain Reaction Collision (Case No. 200716, Insurance: Mutual of Enumclaw)

$26,000 Collision In Church Parking Lot (Case No. 201147, Insurance: Amica)

$24,815 Passenger Injured In DUI Rear-End Collision (Case No. 201146, Insurance: GEICO)

$24,000 Speeding Teen Driver Causes Crash in 25 mph Zone (Case No. 200614, Insurance: USAA)

$23,500 Rear-Ended In Stop-And-Go Traffic (Case No. 200352, Insurance: Pemco)

$23,000 Pedestrian Struck While Walking To School In Crosswalk (Case No. 200520, Insurance: GEICO)

$23,000 Distracted Driver Rear-Ends Stopped Cars (Case No. 200900, Insurance: Progressive)

$22,000 Rear-Ended By Car Making Left Turn (Case No. 200689, Insurance: State Farm)

 DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients' cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.