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The 2012 Viral Video Scholarship Winners are Announced!

Updated on: 4/2/2019

The winners for the 2012 Viral Video Scholarship Contest have been selected. Winners were selected based on the following categories:

  1. Viral nature of the video based on, views, likes, plus 1′s, tweets and comments (25%)
  2. Creativity and Originality (25%)
  3. Adherence to theme and inclusion of required elements (25%)
  4. Entertainment Value (15%)
  5. Video Quality (10%)

Submissions were split up into two groups (college/high school) based on the video creators school enrollment at the time the entry was submitted.  The contestant video’s were ranked based on the the above categories. The viral nature category was voted by the public while creativity, adherence to theme, entertainment value and video quality was scored by the average of three judges at the Davis Law Group.

Thank you to everybody that submitted a video for the DLG Viral Video Scholarship Contest. We received over a hundred submissions, making this year our most competitive year for the contest.

College Winner – Carlos Cortes – “Choose Your Own Path”

Davis Law Group is proud to announce that Carlos Cortes, creator of the “Choose Your Own Path” video, is the college division winner of the 2012 Viral Video Scholarship Contest.

Carlos’s video, which collected over one thousand Facebook ‘likes’ and hundreds of views on Vimeo, artfully addresses the dangers of drunk driving and the impact it can have on family members and loved ones.

“I’ve had family members who have been victims of drunk driving, and I wanted to show that one person could affect an entire group of people,” he says. “[The video] got great word of mouth and it got people to think about the subject.”

“The feedback I got from my friends and family was that it was a dark and emotional video that emphasized the consequences of drunk driving,” he added. “Honestly, that was what I was trying to go for so that helped me realize that my message was clear.”

As one of the two total VVSC winners, Carlos will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship from the Davis Law Group. He will begin the fall 2012 semester at Cal State Fullerton in August and plans to join the RTVF (Radio, TV and Film) program to pursue a career as a film director.

High School Winner – Alex Ramsey and Elliot Fisher - “What are your Odds?”

Davis Law Group is proud to announce that Alex Ramsey and Elliot Fisher, creators of the “Texting While Driving: What are your Odds?” video, are the high school division winners of the 2012 Viral Video Scholarship Contest.

Alex and Elliot’s video, which garnered almost 600 likes on Facebook, was viewed over 2,000 times on Vimeo and was the most viewed video on the website, creatively illustrates the odds of certain events occurring in a person’s lifetime, one of which being a car accident that is caused by cell phone use.

“We decided on texting while driving because it is an increasingly pertinent issue for our generation,” Ramsey and Fisher said. “While drinking and driving and other safety issues are always good for the public to keep in mind, texting while driving is an issue that needs more attention.”

The duo enlisted the help of several classmates to appear in the video, which features images of teens up-close as the odds of a particular event appear on the screen. Ramsey and Fisher have since created a small video and photo production company, called Sunderside Studios.

“Video has been a large part of our lives since 2007, and will continue to be,” they added.

The award will help Elliot pay for his University of Washington tuition as he begins to work toward a degree in bioengineering. Alex is still a junior at Shorecrest High School, and he hopes to pursue a degree in business and study abroad after high school.

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