The Ten Biggest Mistakes By Attorney Chris Davis (Free Book)

The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case

Author: Attorney Christopher M. Davis
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About The Book

The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case is the original Washington Accident BookTM.   This free legal guide is intended to help motor vehicle accident victims in Washington State.

The book addresses various aspects of the insurance claims and civil litigation processes that are common in personal injury cases. It covers a wide array of accident claims topics such as, “What is a Personal Injury or Accident Case?”, “How Do You Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Case?”, and “Do you really need an attorney?”  The book also details how to work with a claims adjustor, medical treatment considerations, and the different avenues of the legal process such as mandatory arbitration.

Published by: Word Association
Date published: 08/13/2007
ISBN: 1595711953

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Table Of Contents

Chapter One - What is a Personal Injury or Accident Case?
Chapter Two - You Entered Into a War Zone As Soon As You Were Injured.
Chapter Three - Do You Really Need An Attorney for Your Accident Case?
Chapter Four - How Do You Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Case?
Chapter Five - The Legal Process for Personal Injury Cases.
Chapter Six - How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Accident Case.
Chapter Seven - What You Need to Know About Lawyer Advertising.
Chapter Eight - What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You.
Chapter Nine - The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case.
Chapter Ten - “Top Ten Myths” Lists.
Chapter Eleven - Questions About Insurance.
Chapter Twelve - What You and Juries Don’t Know.
Chapter Thirteen - Why I Wrote This Book

What You Will Learn

  • How car accident and personal injury claims are valued;
  • The steps in the personal injury claims process;
  • How to settle your claim on your own (if you choose);
  • How to interact with your doctors after an accident;
  • How to interact with the insurance adjustor;
  • How to know whether you should retain a personal injury attorney;
  • What an experienced personal injury attorney can do for you;
  • How to choose an experienced & qualified attorney for your accident claim;
  • And much, much more!

This book will also help you to determine if you actually need a personal injury lawyer, how to hire an attorney, and what you need to know about lawsuits and the legal process. It's filled with over 90 pages of important legal information that accident vicitms in Washington state need to make sure they are fairly compensated for their injuries.