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Teen Drivers and The Law - Bulk Order For Educators

Bulk Order: Teen Drivers and The Law: What Parents Need To Know About Legal & Financial Liability

by Christopher M. DavisAttorney at Law

Teen Driver Law Book

This order form is for driving schools and driver's ed teachers that want to order multiple copies of the booklet for the parents of their students.

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Parents of teen drivers frequently contact attorney Chris Davis after their child has been in a motor vehicle accident.  Sometimes their teen driver was responsible for the collision and sometimes they were not.  Sometimes accident injuries are minor and, sadly, they are often serious or even fatal.  But no matter the circumstances involved, the parents almost always have questions about their own personal or legal responsibility for injuries or damages that their child may have caused.  Many parents have not given any prior consideration to these very important questions.  And most say that had they fully understood what their legal and financial responsibilities were for an auto accident caused by their child they would have done things differently.  Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.  Teen Drivers & The Law: What Every Parent In Washington State Needs To Know About Parental Legal & Financial Liability for Auto Collisions Caused By Teen Drivers was written to give parents more information before their teen is involved in an auto accident. 

Product Type: Booklet
Publisher: Davis Law Group, P.S.
Language: English
Shipping: FREE to traffic safety educators, teachers, and owners of driving schools

Table of Contents

  • Do I Need To Add My Teen Driver To My Auto Insurance Policy?    
  • What Are The Insurance Requirements For Parents Of A Teen Driver In Washington State?    
  • Can Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For A Car Accident Caused By Their Teen Driver?    
  • The Vehicle is Owned, Provided or Maintained by the Parent    
  • The Vehicle Must be for The Customary Conveyance of Family Members and Other Family Business    
  • The Vehicle Is Being Driven By a Member of The Family For Whom The Car Is Maintained At The Time Of The Accident    The Vehicle Was Driven With the Express or Implied Consent of The Parent   
  • Can Parents Be Held Financially Responsible For a Car Accident Caused By Their Teen Driver?    
  • What Is The Statute of Limitations For A Teen That Is Injured In A Car Accident that Was NOT The Teen’s Fault?    
  • Can a Teen Driver Be Subjected to a Deposition If The Teen Is Involved In A Car Accident (Whether or Not The Teen Was At Fault)?    
  • Can A Teen Driver Be Required To Give Testimony At Trial Following A Car Accident (Whether or Not the Teen Was At Fault)?  
  • Can An Underage (Under 21) Driver Be Held Criminally Responsible If the Driver is Driving Under the Influence Af Alcohol Or Drugs?    
  • RCW 46.61.503 Driver under Twenty-one Consuming Alcohol — Penalties    
  • Washington State Teen Driver Accident Statistics    
  • The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case
  • The Accident Checklist
  • Accident Details Worksheet
  • What If My Teenager is Injured in an Accident?