Common Gadolinium Side Effects 

In addition to the aforementioned minor side effects associated with gadolinium-based contrast dyes, patients have reported more serious medical conditions and injuries associated with gadolinium toxicity in recent months.

Some of the more serious medical issues and injuries reported by patients following an MRI scan include:

  • Burning sensation on skin and other parts of body;
  • Debilitating joint and bone pain;
  • Skin discoloration and disfigurement;
  • Thickening and tightening of the skin;
  • Brain fog;
  • Chronic headaches;

To make matters worse, many patients have reported lost mobility and an inability to work as a result of these medical conditions. These life-changing side effects have caused a serious level of damages to innocent patients who were unaware of the risks associated with receiving a gadolinium-based contrast agent. In fact, many patients have paid for costly medical treatments in order to determine the cause of their medical problems, sometimes having to travel across the world for experimental treatments.

Manufacturers Of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Dyes

Manufacturer Drug Brand Name Market Share (%)
Bayer Imaging Magnevist, Gadavist 62%
GE Healthcare Omniscan 26%
Bracco Diagnostics MultiHance, ProHance 10%
Guerbet Optimark 2%

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