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  • Types of Expert Witnesses Used in Wrongful Death Cases After a wrongful death case has been filed in court, it will often require the assistance of expert testimony to help the attorney prove one or more elements of the action. Since wrongful death cases can involve many different issues that are often complex and difficult to prove, an experienced wrongful death attorney will usually want to engage the assistance of one or more experts early on in the case.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution or Mediation in Wrongful Death Cases Depending on the jurisdiction and the complexity of a wrongful death case, the discovery phase in litigation may take many months or sometimes even years. When discovery is finally completed, and each side generally knows what evidence will likely be offered at trial, the parties may then begin to conduct settlement discussions.
  • Preparing for a Wrongful Death Trial If the case does not settle after discovery and ADR or mediation has failed, then the case may proceed to trial. Each side has the option of trying the case before a judge or jury. Depending on the jurisdiction, a jury trial may not happen automatically.
  • The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer in a Wrongful Death Case No wrongful death case should ever be filed or pursued without the assistance of a qualified wrongful death attorney.
  • Washington State Wrongful Death Law: Civil vs. Criminal Responsibility A person who causes a wrongful death in Washington State may be criminally responsible. For this to occur, the wrongdoer’s conduct must be worse than ordinary negligence. Usually, the wrongdoer must act intentionally or recklessly to be guilty of a crime. If criminal liability exists, the wrongdoer is punished with jail time and/or fines.
  • Why You Need A Personal Representative To File A Wrongful Death Case To bring a wrongful death case, a person called a “Personal Representative” (PR) must first be appointed by the court on behalf of the deceased person’s estate
  • Insurance Benefits And Coverage Available In Wrongful Death Claims There are different types of insurance benefits that may be available to you or other surviving family members if the death of your loved one is caused by a motor vehicle accident
  • How Wrongful Death Claims Are Evaluated Statistically, more than 95% of all wrongful death claims are settled prior to trial, either during the claims process or during litigation before the trial. A fair and reasonable settlement may be successfully negotiated if your claim is properly documented, presented, and argued to the insurance adjustor.
  • Washington’s Law on the Wrongful Death of a Child Washington State authorizes a parent to recover damages for the loss of a minor child, as long as the parent has regularly contributed to the support of the child. The requirement that a parent must regularly contribute to the support of the child has been a recent change to the law. This change was made to prevent a parent (oftentimes, the father) who never or rarely supported the child during the child’s lifetime from profiting financially from the child’s death.
  • Types Of Damages You Can Recover For Wrongful Death In Washington State Washington state law dictates that only certain types of damages may be recoverable in a wrongful death case. Learn more from our top-rated wrongful death attorneys
  • Damage Factors in Common Wrongful Death Claims Let’s now look at different family relationships to help you get a feel for the interaction between the family relationship each claimant had with the deceased along with the elements of compensation which might be available under Washington law. Keep in mind the application of the other seven factors in determining the value of your case. As always, consulting with an experienced wrongful death attorney will help you determine how these factors may impact your claim.

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