Accidents caused by drunk drivers can be complicated for a number of reasons. One of the more challenging legal issues we regularly see with these types of cases is when the drunk driver who caused the collision was not carrying auto liability insurance at the time of the collision. There are other avenues of financial recovery in cases where an impaired driver does not have insurance, and properly investigating these cases requires a significant amount of time and resources. 

All personal injury cases are unique in their own way, and the likelihood of a favorable outcome to any injury claim or lawsuit depends largely on the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. That being said, below are just a few of the many drunk driving accident cases that have been successfully resolved by the award-winning personal injury legal team at Davis Law Group

$2,150,000 Settlement for Victim of DUI Crash with Brain Injury Read The Client Story

$2,050,000 Pedestrian Struck By Drunk Driver / Dram Shop Case (Case No. 200809, Insurance Company: Nevada Capital)

$1,650,000 Drunk Driver Cases Motor Vehicle Crash (Case No. 200333, Insurance Company: Progressive)

$1,300,000 Head-On Drunk Driving Crash / Dram Shop Case (Case No. 200532, Insurance Company: Western World)

$600,000 Settlement for Family of Victim Killed in DUI Collision Read The Client Story

$500,000 Hit By Drunk Driver With No Headlights (Case No. 200940, Insurance Company: Allstate)

$500,000 Crash Caused By Driver Impaired By Drungs (Case No. 201034, Insurance Company: GEICO)

$400,000 Drunk Driver Texting Causes Accident (Case No. 200572, Insurance Company: Grange)

$400,000 Struck Head-On By A Drunk Driver (Case No. 200542, Insurance Company: Western World )

$350,000 Herniated Disc Settlement For Drunk Driving Accident Victim

$270,000 Drunk Driver Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200442, Insurance Company: Farmers)

$200,000 T-Bone By Drunk Driver (Case No. 201224, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$156,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver At Stop Light (Case No. 200793, Insurance Company: Progressive)

$146,148 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver (Case No. 200199, Insurance Company: Safeco)

$121,033 Injured In Crash When Drunk Driver Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200622, Insurance Company: Pemco)

$120,000 Drunk Driver Hits Limo (Case No. 200706, Insurance Company: USAA)

$100,000 T-Boned By Drunk Driver Running Stop Light (Case No. 201436, Insurance Company: Liberty Mutual)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Driver (Case No. 201145, Insurance Company: GEICO)

$100,000 Rear-Ended By Drunk Taxi Driver (Case No. 201153, Insurance Company: Encompass)

$100,000 Drunk Driver Fails To Yield At Stop Sign Causing Crash (Case No. 200583, Insurance Company: Farmers)

$100,000 Drunk Driver Causes Accident On West Seattle Bridge (Case No. 201070, Insurance Company: Progressive)

$100,000 Crash Caused By Intoxicated DUI Driver (Case No. 200810, Insurance Company: Farmers)

$70,000 DUI Driver Rear-Ends Car At Stop Light (Case No. 200698, Insurance Company: State Farm)

$69,000 Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Collision (Case No. 200388, Insurance Company: Pemco)

$68,000 Passenger In Car Hit By Drunk Driver Head-On (Case No. 200526, Insurance Company: GEICO)

$50,000 Drunk Driving Crash On I-405 (Case No. 200762, Insurance Company: Progressive)

$50,000 Drunk Driver Ran Stop Light Causing Accident (Case No. 200326, Insurance Company: Progressive)

$42,000 Drunk Driver Causes Motor Vehicle Collision (Case No. 200808, Insurance Company: Middlesex)

$24,815 Passenger Injured In DUI Rear-End Collision (Case No. 201146, Insurance Company: GEICO)

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  • $24,815 Passenger Injured In DUI Rear-End Collision
    (Case No. 201146, Insurance Company: GEICO)