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Distracted Driving Accident Settlements & Verdicts

Below are just a few of the many distracted driving accident cases that have been successfully resolved by Davis Law Group.

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  • $100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Motor Vehicle Accident
    (Case No. 200235, Insurance Company: Confidential)
  • $100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Injury Accident
    (Case No. 200185, Insurance Company: GEICO)
  • $100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Car Crash
    (Case No. 200576, Insurance Company: American Family)
  • $100,000 Distracted Driver Causes Car Crash
    (Case No. 200576, Insurance Company: American Family)
  • $100,000 Car Hit Broadside By Distracted Driver
    (Case No. 200674, Insurance Company: Progressive)
  • $100,000 Accident Caused By Driver Wearing Headphones
    (Case No. 200160, Insurance Company: Progressive)
  • $90,000 Distracted Driver Causes Two-Vehicle Collision
    (Case No. 200122, Insurance Company: Northland)
  • $83,000 Distracted Driver Causes Collision
    (Case No. 200363, Insurance Company: MetLife)
  • $80,000 Two-Vehicle Crash Caused By Distracted Driver
    (Case No. 200489, Insurance Company: Great West)
  • $75,000 Accident Caused By Cell Phone Distracted Driver
    (Case No. 200335, Insurance Company: North Pacific)
  • $74,529 Cell Phone Distracted Driver Causes Crash
    (Case No. 200086, Insurance Company: Allstate)
  • $60,000 Distracted Driving Accident Causes Back Injuries
    (Case No. 200615, Insurance Company: USAA)

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Our experience with the Davis Law Group was positive from the first moment we consulted with Chris Davis. Chris Davis was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout a very difficult time. Our paralegal was with us every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively with any questions or issues as they arose. I highly recommend the Davis Law Group.
Scott P.