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Types of Expert Witnesses in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Updated on: 11/22/2019

pedestrian expertIn any personal injury case, expert witnesses can be the key to a victim receiving the maximum settlement available. If you’ve been hit by a car, hiring the right pedestrian accident attorney should be a top priority – after you’ve begun receiving medical treatment. 

Your attorney should then begin looking at the factors of the accident. It’s likely the attorney will consult with several experts to paint a complete picture of the accident and lay out the extent of damages you sustained. No expense should be spared – potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake.

Commonly Used Expert Witnesses in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrians involved in a collision with a motor vehicle often suffer serious or life-threatening injuries. When the accident was caused by the negligence of another person, the victim has a right to recover monetary damages. 

Determining how much fault the driver had and the extent of the damages can be bolstered by the testimony of expert witnesses.

Some of the most commonly used experts are the following:

  • Doctor or other medical professional: It’s not hard to see how a pedestrian is no match for an oncoming vehicle. Pedestrians that are struck by a vehicle typically suffer serious injuries, including spinal damage, head injury, paralysis, broken bones, etc. The pedestrian may be left with life-altering injuries, or in severe cases a disability. A doctor can assess the extent of the injuries, whether future surgeries will be required, and the cost of rehabilitation. 
  • Accident reconstruction expert: Determining fault is extremely important in a pedestrian collision. An accident reconstruction expert will analyze a variety of factors, including how difficult it was to see the pedestrian, stopping distance required, whether the pedestrian and/or the driver was distracted, etc.
  • Mental health expert: Having the opinion of a psychologist or other mental health professional can illustrate the pain and suffering the victim is experiencing. 
  • Sidewalk expert: A sidewalk expert is experienced with the safety of walkways in relation to roadways, schools, apartments, stores, as well as any other building frequented by pedestrians. Accident prevention measures must be taken in any area where there’s a lot of foot traffic. This involves traffic signals and warning signs as well.
  • Economist: This type of expert witness offers testimony regarding the amount of money lost due to the injury. Things such as lost wages, loss in earning capacity, lost business profits, etc., are all considered by an economist.
  • Vocational expert: If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian and can no longer perform your job as you did before the accident, a vocational expert may be hired to determine the extent to which your life has been affected. This process can be complicated, as many factors come into play. It’s likely the at-fault person’s insurance company will consult with their own vocational expert to argue the extent of the damages.

Consult with an Attorney After a Pedestrian Accident

It can be difficult to determine how exactly you should move forward after you have suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident.

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