Common Types of Semi Truck Accidents and Contributing Factors

overturned truck

Because of their absolute size and weight, motor vehicle accidents involving semi trucks are often very destructive when they occur. This includes both the damage to an individual’s property as well as personal injuries, which are often exponentially more serious because of the high impact.

There are many ways that semi trucks – which typically weigh over 10,000 pounds each before taking on a full cargo load – can become involved in accidents with other vehicles and people. However, below is a list of four of the more common types of large trucking accidents:

  1. Rollover Semi Truck Accidents:  A rollover accidents occur when the rotation of the truck is 90 degrees or more, on a sideways or longitudinal axis. These types of accidents can be extremely dangerous, especially when the truck is carrying heavy loads that may fall onto other vehicles.  Rollover accidents typically occur when trucks take curves too fast and over-steer, but the chance of a rollover accident increases when the load is not secured properly.

  2. Jackknife Semi Truck Accidents: A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer is positioned at a sharp angle to the tractor- almost 90 degrees. This happens when the trailer of the truck swings outward from the cab. This type of accident occurs when the driver stops suddenly, which causes the cab to skid or the breaks to lock up.

  3. Underride Semi Truck Accidents: Underride accidents are somewhat similar to a rear-end collision and occur when another motor vehicle slides underneath the large truck. Most trucks are fitting with guards to prevent this, but in some instances, these accidents still occur.  These accidents can be devastating- and generally lead to severe head injuries.

  4. Override Semi Truck Accidents: This type of accident occurs when the front end of a large truck runs over the vehicle in front of it. This happens when a truck rear ends a smaller vehicle or it is involved in a head-on collision. Following too close or other bad driving behaviors can lead to this type of accident.

Consulting with an Attorney after a Semi Truck Accident

These are the most common types of severe trucking crashes that occur on the roadways. Because these types of crashes are so catastrophic, it is important to call an attorney immediately to go over your legal rights. There is often a great deal of evidence and witness testimony that needs to be preserved in order to ensure your claim is properly handled, which only increases the importance of hiring the right lawyer for your case.

The attorneys at Davis Law Group have the necessary experience and resources to fully evaluate your claim and give you the legal help you deserve. Call the Davis Law Group at 206-727-4000 or contact us online here for a free legal consultation today. 

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