Cool Titles or Names for the Designated Driver

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What’s in a name?  Everything.  As the Double D you need a cool title.  It’s a must.  A cool title is like a badge of honor.  Here are a few suggestions if you can’t think up anything interesting and creative on your own. 

  • Trustee of the TipsyTM
  • Watchdog of the WoozyTM
  • Superintendent of the SloppyTM
  • Escort of the IntoxicatedTM
  • Buddy of the BoozedTM
  • Preserver of the PickledTM
  • Lifeline of the LoadedTM
  • Rescuer of the RippedTM
  • Bulwark of the BombedTM
  • Manager of the MuddledTM
  • Guardian of the GlazedTM
  • Pilot of the PollutedTM
  • Dean of the DestroyedTM
  • Wheelman of the Wiped-OutTM
  • Chaperone of the SloshedTM
  • Director of the DrunkenTM
  • Executor of the EmbalmedTM
  • Conductor of the ClobberedTM
  • Shepherd of the SaucedTM
  • Custodian of the CrockedTM
  • Patron of the PlasteredTM
  • Usher of the Over-ServedTM
  • Coordinator of the CrapulousTM
  • Helper of the HammeredTM
  • Benefactor of the BlitzedTM
  • Bodyguard of the Blacked-OutTM
  • Transporter of the TrashedTM
  • Safeguard of the Shit-FacedTM
  • Attendant of the UnconsciousTM
  • Keeper of the KeysTM
  • Warden of the WastedTM
Mischelle Davis
Davis Law Group's Director of Operations & Client Communications