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Compilation Video: Testimonials from Satisfied Davis Law Group Clients

This video testimonial features multiple satisfied former clients sharing their experience in working with the Davis Law Group, P.S. Below is a full transcription of each client's individual testimonial:


Everyone—you pay for your insurance because you all need insurance. But there are no good-hands people, there are no friendly people that are really there to serve you, take care of you; that are there to collect premiums and to make profit. And that includes being strict with their purse strings when you need medical care so it’s…I would advise anyone that’s in a car accident to get an attorney, such as Christopher Davis. And if it ever happened to me again, which I pray it won’t, I would call Chris.

Everyone at Davis Law Firm was helpful. My calls were always returned promptly, I always felt they had my best interest at heart, and they were fun to work with as well. It’s not the most pleasant situation you’ll ever come across in life, but to have people that are kind and easy to work with during that difficult time period is priceless.


He gave me a realistic picture of the path that I was taking, so that made me feel really comfortable. And he would keep me updated as to what was going on with my case. And I never felt overwhelmed by the legal process.


It was scary, but it turned out better than I thought. It really did. He did an incredible job. I was really impressed. He knew what to do, how to answer questions. It was awesome.


I was very impressed with it actually. I mean there was a lot of things we didn’t know about.

Oh yes I’d recommend him to anybody. You know, I haven’t gone through this before and I didn’t know how it works. But we were very impressed with it. And my husband was too.


Better than I expected. Especially going against the insurance company. They did. I’m very happy. Glad it’s over! I finally get to live!