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TESTIMONIAL: I-90 Car Accident Victim

This video testimonial features Nikki and Michael Hinz, satisfied former clients.

Michael and their son were driving on I-90 and were rear-ended by a driver who was not paying attention. They were pushed into the car in front of them. This resulted in a herniated disc in Michael’s back.

Nikki then emailed Chris to seek legal advice. 

Full transcript of the testimonial:

Nikki: Back November 2007—November 7th, 2007, he was driving with my son on I-90 uh, south, and he—we came to a stop, I was three cars behind him—traffic came to a stop, and the person behind him um, was not paying attention—she was fumbling through her stuff trying to find her cell phone, she slammed on the brakes in a big flatbed truck and hit him, pushed him into the car in front of him. And I nearly almost hit her. And so, what ended up happening is he had a herniated disc in his back.

And so I emailed Chris after learning, you know, that he wasn’t gonna be better at any time in the near future. And we started working with Chris maybe just a few months after—after he found out what was wrong, worked with Leslie on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and they’ve pretty much done everything for us.

Michael: Yeah.

Nikki: I would say that, you know, it’s not your fault that somebody, you know, got—that you were involved in an accident. And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t, you know, seek legal advice, because you’re gonna pay for it for the rest of your life. And, um, I would highly recommend Chris Davis, I mean, everybody here has been wonderful. And Leslie and I were talking and it’s like, you know, we’ve become friends because we’ve talked so much for the last three years. And uh, it’s just a really good group of people.