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Video Transcript

attorney for pedestrian accident

I was hit by a pickup truck. I was crossing the street on the Lynnwood cross walk and this white pickup was in front of the cross walk and just idling so I started crossing and at the point when I was right in front of the pickup truck the driver reaved up and hit me. And I fell on the road and my wrist got broken. My wrist and my whole arm got broken. He drove me home. He picked up off the street. "Oh my god did I hit you?" And he drove me home. Then I went to the Emergency Room and then I don't really remember what happened rest of that day.

We called the cops. I don't remember that. Yeah it's all a blur. And I came out of the cast in July sometime and now I am still working on it. And this is my dominate hand. I am left handed and I do everything with the left hand and it was quite annoying.

I believe it was before he had surgery I had never been in this kind of situation before and I know that I called 911 when you came back with the guy who hit you. I'm glad I did that. And then I think a little while later, like a couple of days, I just thought I should really call a lawyer because I don't know anything about this and I didn't know anything about his insurance or  what to do about any of that aspect about it and that is why I called this law firm. And we had a lot of email correspondence, phone correspondence, everyone was great, they got back to us immediately. They were very very nice, everything was very well explained. We had a great experience. And we they gave us a rebate, that is very nice. I did not expect that. No I didn't either.

-Former Client