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Video Transcript

A lady going 45 mph just ran the red light and hit the side of my car. I had lower back injuries, but mostly it’s my kneecaps, um, my knees came up and hit the steering wheel. And I have now lots of scar tissue and arthritis in my kneecap. So no more running or working out.

Um, well, I had seen the commercials for the Davis Law Group, so I called and got the book, so I read the book real quick and I didn’t talk to anybody, and then I just kind of dealt with my insurance through my PIP plan as long as that would cover everything. And then I contacted Melina.

She’s wonderful. I mean, we did most of the stuff by email but it was—very quick response with any questions and she’d get right back to me, with anything. It was very nice and easy to work with you.

Well I definitely think that you need to not talk to the other insurance adjustor, ‘cause I really can see where that can be a trapping thing for you, but I just think you need to document everything you do, every time you go to the doctor, keep track of everything you do and how you’re feeling because I think that makes a difference in the end. But I’d definitely call you guys because I think you did a good job for me.

-Former Client