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"I am satisfied with everything the Davis Law Group has provided me"

Video Transcript

great semi truck accident lawyer happy client

I was in a car accident a couple years ago, two years ago. I was stopped at a four way stop. I stopped and proceeded to go and a truck came from my right and hit my passenger side. But it has just caused a lot of pain. I have had a lot of pain in my SI Joint. I have had to do a lot of treatment; physical therapy, massage therapy, pool therapy.

I am relieved the whole thing is over. I am satisfied with everything the Davis Law Group has provided me. I am bummed that I got in an accident because like I said it has affected my life. Just the pain and everything that I try to do in life but the Davis Law Group has definitely softened the blow from the accident. I think that having an attorney and a team behind you looking out for your best interest is the definitely the way to go. Rory is fantastic. Every time I had a question or anything she would get back to me as soon as possible; she was really, really great.

Thank you to Davis Law Group for helping me out with this process and like I said I would definitely recommend any family friends to look them up if they were ever in a similar situation.

-Former Client