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" protectors and my champions...this is my A-Team!!!"

"I had the A-Team, a quote from another highly qualified attorney in town. ...a team to be reckoned with. I was injured in an auto accident by a driver who was underinsured. So Chris and his team pursued my insurance company for my underinsured motorist benefit. My [insurance] company kept stalling, claiming I didn't have some injuries and that other injuries were pre-existing. Ugh! Thankfully I had Chris and his team, who were knowledgeable, straight forward and honest, who played to the letter of the law to build a strong foundation and gathered medical, personal and work witnesses to attest to my character and the changes that had occurred in me. Not only did Chris and his team prove my case, but I felt taken care of and respected by everyone involved. [Paralegal] being my point of contact was always a friendly voice during a stressful time. I felt like she was my friend as well as doing her job responsively. Michelle was also a friendly voice keeping me informed and encouraged. Chris and [attorney] were my protectors and my champions!  If needed again, I wouldn't go anywhere else. This is my A-Team!!!"

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-Teri S.