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"It’s been a pretty smooth operation"

Video Transcript

best motorcycle crash lawyer

I was taking my dad’s motorcycle to the shop for warranty maintenance at the dealer. It's a rainy February evening, the road's wet and the kid pulls out of the gas station. I lay the motorcycle down, actually. We never made contact, so I missed his car so I didn’t summersault over his hood.

So I had some regular stiffness you would expect from hitting the ground at 30 mph and then in my shoulder and up the right side of my spine some stiffness and then like you stuck a knife in your shoulder socket. I talked to the adjuster and I don’t remember exactly what she said but it was like, well I’ll make you an offer right now, you know, kind of in passing.

She just kind of gave me a low ball offer and at that point I was kind of suspecting maybe more of an injury since it wasn’t getting any better. I basically cut off all communication with her and then found a lawyer and then you guys have handled all the communication since.

Well I mean it was nice because I just had more or less just one person who was fighting for me and I could continue with my everyday activities and, you know, at my leisure send an email or a phone call and say, hey what’s the latest update have you heard from this person?

And I didn’t have to have any interactions. What has been settled it’s definitely been more than fair and actually it’s to the policy limits that were there, its paying me back for my out of pocket expenses. Marty did an excellent job, there’s no more money there for her really to get. It’s been a pretty smooth operation, so I’m pretty happy with what’s going on so far.

--Former Client