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"Hiring attorney Chris Davis was one of my best decisions ever"

Our client, Peter, was injured in a bus accident while on vacation in Yellowstone National Park. 

Client Testimonial

bus accident attorney

My name is Peter Oeschey. I am a German citizen. In the year 2004 I was injured in a car accident in Yellowstone National Park while taking part on photo-safari. The trauma I received on my right arm developed as a permanent injury. I have a loss of strength and because of a permanent damage of the median nerve I have a loss of sensation in my right hand.  My work is oral surgery so I need good sensation in both of my hands. Nowadays I have big problems performing my work.

Because of the distance it was not easy to make the decision of hiring an attorney in Seattle. I found several web-sides of attorneys on the internet. The Web-side of Chris Davis was the only one where I could find some personal information and a picture of the attorney,  which I preferred. That’s why I called Mr. Davis and asked for assistance with my case.

Hiring Chris Davis was one of my best decisions ever. My case was very complicated. We had to deal with a signed release of assumption of risks, I had to travel to Seattle several times and Chris had to come to Germany for depositions.

What I really admired is that Chris always was the master of the situation and he always has an answer at the ready. He has no fears either way it goes, he is very flexible. He had a very good idea which way the case should go. And he is always fair and honest. And above all Chris is a good soul and he has got the heart on the right spot.

- Peter O.