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"Chris Davis is on the ball in moving with the case"

After an unsatisfactory experience at a local law firm in Olympia, our client contacted us after his semi-truck accident. These accidents are often severe, and having an attorney that knows the ins-and-outs of the rules, regulations and trucking standards is critical.

Attorney Chris Davis has been defending semi-truck accident victims for nearly 25 years in Washington state. Do what our client did and contact Davis Law Group today.

Video Transcript

Initially, I hired a local firm in the Olympia area (of which I reside) but was greatly displeased with their lack of professional "abilities" (for lack of a better word). Therefore, I carefully and methodically reviewed the experience of several firms in Seattle, their attorneys, experience, client feedback, etc. I even went to the extent to call them up to speak with the attorney's person to person to "feel the waters". I knew I had to be careful about swapping apples for oranges as regards the current firm I had. And not knowing anything about law, or attorneys I had not much to go on except my own intuition.

After about two months of carefully reviewing of these firms, I decided to order a book from the law firm of Mr. Christopher Davis. After my wife and I read his book, I was sold. I knew that this was the man I needed to run with my case.

I spoke to Mr. Davis again by phone and set up an interview time. Mr. Davis was clear from the very beginning during our phone conversations about the kind of attorney to look for, but also the kind of attorney's to be careful of. He didn't blow his horn, so to speak, but I appreciated his humility on the phone, and honesty. He didn't sell himself as though "he were the man for the job." My wife and I were very impressed by that character.

Anyway, after meeting with him, I hired him. And although I am still in the middle of my case, I can tell you, this attorney is light years ahead of the firm I had, who boasted four attorneys, and eighteen on his staff in Olympia. I am convinced beyond a doubt, Mr. Davis is the man for the job.

  1. He is very honest, and forth right.
  2. He doesn't tickle your ears, and tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He let's you know what he honestly thinks. And a quality I admire, he doesn't speculate!
  3. He returns your messages in a timely fashion.
  4. He is on the ball in moving with the case.