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Our client was riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of him, forcing him to lay his bike down. He suffered a rotator cuff injury, as well as a pinched nerve. While he's made a strong recovery from his physical injuries, our client is still dealing with the mental toll the accident took.

In this video testimonial above, learn how our client decided to hire Davis Law Group, P.S., and how motorcycle accident victims often benefit from hiring an experienced attorney to handle their case.

Video Transcript

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I was minding my own business going down the street and a car pulls out right in front of me and stopped. It would have probably been fine it they kept going but they saw me and panicked and stopped. And all I could do was lay my motorcycle down. Either that or hit the car and they would have been more damage to the both of us. She called her husband and I called the police. The police arrived and I pulled my motorcycle out of the street and was able to ride it home rest of the way.

Rotator cuff surgery is what I ended up having and a pinch inside my shoulder as well. But everything is coming back, everything is healing. I had a good team on me, good doctors.

Even now coming to an intersection if I see a car that is starting to move I will start applying my breaks. Yeah it has kind of got me, what is the word I am looking for? Break happy? I guess. I don't want anyone else to pull out in front of me.

Thank goodness I actually got two lawyers out of the phone book and I called both of them. The first lawyer never did called me back and at least Marty called me back and I was very happy about that. Very, very wonderful. And very happy with your work. Very professional, very quick. They know all the laws; I don't know anything about the insurance laws and negotiating, and nothing anything else. And they worked out real good. I am very lucky, absolutely very lucky.