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"I was struck by a drunk driver as a pedestrian… Chris Davis is a great man… he’s protecting you at all times.”

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"I was struck by a drunk driver as a pedestrian—driven through a wall outside of a bar. My lower right leg was severed along w/multiple damages to right my foot. I was 8 hours away from moving to Las Vegas! I’m a single parent. I was moving due to my daughter’s immune deficiencies. I’m very grateful towards my family for appointing the services of Davis Law Group. Their thorough investigation made a huge impact regarding my case. During my recovery the group took care of everything; Doctor bills, legal issues, Insurance documents, etc.

I first met Mishelle Davis—a very kind and confident lady. [Paralegal] has been my main source of contact; emails, phone calls, and messages—quickly notifying me of events and gathering information. She’s extremely cheerful and perky. She’s always made me feel at ease when visiting the office and has a sympathetic ear.

And Chris Davis is a great man. He has a very reserved firmness about him. As if he’s protecting you at all times. I can’t forget the secretary staff—they’ve always made me feel very hospitable when visiting the office. I’m absolutely positive that this group will do what it takes to finalize my case and get the results needed to assist me in my altered future while I focus on the current, which is me and my daughter.  Thank you, Davis Law Group!"