"I am grateful for finding the Davis Law Group..."

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First Review:

"I am the victim of a drunk driver accident. My son researched attorneys and we contacted Davis Law Group.

I had no idea the accident would take such a toll on my life. Besides the medical and on-going health, financial devastation, my mental and emotional state of mind was turning me into someone I didn't recognize anymore.

I can't say how many times I had issues with everything the accident created, that I felt free and safe to email or call DLG and speak with my paralegal, [paralegal}. She always listened and could calm me down and always had an answer. If she didn't have the answer right then, she would call me back when she did. She was instrumental in keeping me "sane" at times when I thought I was loosing my mind. She would email or call me just to see how I was doing. I am grateful for finding the Davis Law Group, and especially for [paralegal]. I don't believe we accidentally met, I think it was divine intervention!"

Second Review:

"This is a review I wrote awhile back so even though some time has gone by, my opinion and feelings about Davis Law Group has only gotten better. My para-legal, has, as always, gone far and above what I had expected or ever received from any other business/customer service that I have dealt with. She never fails to listen to me. That is the biggest complaint most people have, is that feeling that no one is listens or cares about them. I feel so blessed to have DLG. As I said before, when I have had flashbacks, or bad memories I can call her and she listens and is compassionate and caring. She never fails to let me know how the case is going. She lets me know that I have not been forgotten; she consoles me on any issues I may have. She always assures me that I have the best team of lawyers, that I am in good hands. I so appreciate knowing that. It is very comforting to know I can count of her to listen, to answer, or just be there when I need someone and not make me feel like a nusiance. She makes me feel like I matter. And that is very important to someone who has been in my situation. If I have need of a legal matter in the future, it will be DLG that I call...and that is thanks to [paralegal]!"

-Sally Walters