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"I am sure this is more than I could have gotten on my own. I am happy about that."

In this video testimonial, one of our former client explains how he was involved in a car accident with a driver that blew through a stop sign. Initially, the man thought he could handle the claim himself, but after negotiating unsuccessfully with the insurance company for several years, he contacted Seattle car accident attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group, P.S., after reading a copy of "The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case."

With Mr. Davis and his legal staff on the case, our client received far more than what he was offered by the insurance company. 

Video Transcript

Driving along I was doing 35 on the street there and this lady just zipped right through the stop sign across right in front of me. And as she said later, she even told the police this at the time, 'I don't know the neighborhood, I was looking for the church, I saw the church, I did not see the stop sign.'

fantastic car accident attorney settlement

I thought I could do it myself, I didn't really want to go through an attorney and I thought I could an offer the same thing that would offer an attorney and I just wouldn't have to pay an attorney. The adjustor, yeah, wanted access to all of my medical records and stuff. She doesn't need all of that. You can have access to everything involved in this case; you don't need anything beyond that. You don't need to know that I broke my hand in the 10th grade, you know, what does that matter?

She kept calling me up and not throwing any numbers out or anything and finally she said 'you know just let me get this out there and get the ball rolling. I will offer you $500 for the each kid.' I thought $500 a piece? No way. And had ordered the accident book, the 10 million things that could go wrong in Washington state that could go wrong with your accident and I kind of page through that a little bit and I thought 'I am going to hire these guys.'

So I gave you guys a call. I probably should have just contacted an attorney right away. I mean there were some of the things I did, some of the things I didn't. I am sure I missed opportunities but... and I also waited nearly two years to get an attorney so that was probably too long. Thanks you guys, I am sure this is more than I could have gotten on my own. Definitely so I am happy about that. I am always happy to get money.

-Former Client