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"Fantastic results....I would definitely recommend Davis Law Group."

This video testimonial features a satisfied Davis Law Group, P.S. client who was seriously injured in a car accident that required a significant amount of surgery and left her with a number of costly medical bills.

Thankfully the woman hired attorney Chris Davis and was able to allow our award-winning team to take care of the legal process while she recovered from her injuries. At the end of the day, she says she would recommend anyone call Davis Law Group if they are injured in an accident.

Video Transcript

great serious injury attorney did excellent job

Chris Davis: Hi I’m Chris Davis I’m an attorney in Seattle, Washington practicing personal injury and medical malpractice. I want to talk to you about a case we recently handled and successfully resolved on behalf of one of our clients. She was injured in a fairly serious accident and suffered an extreme injury to her shoulder causing her shoulder socket to rip out. She ended up needing a couple of surgeries. Initially we found out that the other driver did not have insurance and so we had to bring a claim against our clients own insurance company.

Our Client: I was involved in an auto accident in March of this year which resulted in my upper right arm being shattered basically. I was originally seeking assistance for maybe a medical mal practice but was aided in getting a settlement with Geico. When I originally went into Morton Medical Center they thought I was only out of socket so they sent me home. I followed up at Washington Orthopedic and they reviewed the scans there and said that my humorous bone was split down the center and across six ways and the humeral head had broken off completely. Marty did an exceptional job she was really great and kept me up to date on everything. She always answered any questions I had at anytime.

Chris Davis: After dealing with her carrier for several months we were able to settle the case for the maximum amount of her policy. We were able to get her medical bills paid in full and close out her claims successfully.

Our Client: Fantastic results so I think everything went pretty well considering. I definitely would recommend the Davis Law Group if anybody is in need of assistance due to injury or any pain and suffering definitely. You guys were very helpful, you did exceptional work. I would recommend anyone to come to you.

Chris Davis: If you find yourself the victim of a very serious accident involving serious injuries and medical bills, please call our office at Davis Law Group for a free, no-hassle consultation.

-Former Client