Client Reviews: Dog Bite Victims

Just a few ratings, reviews, testimonials, endorsements and thank you notes from some of our clients who were victims of dog bites.

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  • "The Davis Law Group is my version of the Legal Dream Team."

    Posted on Facebook & Yelp "In June 2010 I was attacked by a pit bull while walking my little terrier in my neighborhood.  After experiencing little in my encounter with the dog owner's insurance carrier, I engaged the Davis Law Group to represent my interests.  Three years later a settlement was reached that I consider very fair and equitable.  The Davis Law Group is my version of the Legal Dream Team.  I could never have reached a successful conclusion without the professional representation this firm provided.  Would I recommend this firm to others"  In a heartbeat!  I am a very happy camper."  

    -Alberta & Danae Mehring
  • "If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to."

    "I was at the, eh where my husband was at with a jobsite that he was doing, he does construction, I went to go visit for lunch. When I went to my husband's truck to put away the lunch the dog came up to me and tried to butt my hand for me to pet him and then I said let me put this stuff over here in the truck and I went to go and almost try to pet him, and I wasn't bending down or nothing, I was about to go down and he jumped up and tore my whole lip off." "He was a dog that they had just adopted about three days ago and later I learned that this dog was from another family that bite a three year old. And they assumed that they could rescue him and help him out and it turned out I was the next victim on the list. So when I went to my own personal attorney to begin with he was trying to help but he was not as experienced in that area." "And I needed to have someone to help me to get through the legal matters because insurance companies are not on your side. They portray on victims that don't have any legal defense and they want to wash their hands from helping you at all." "So then I did some research and I found the Davis Law Firm which was on TV and on the internet. I did some and I came here and went through the interview and I liked it. You should always have a good attorney on your side, one that works for you not against you. The one that is for your best interest and not his own or her own depending on who he or she is for an attorney. One that will sit there and guide you through the emotion of roller coaster that you have to go through are pretty hard." "Just when you think everyone around you will be there for you they are not. And the only that really is the attorney and the person that is helping you. If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to. Like I said, you need an attorney that works for you, not against you."

  • "We appreciated their straightforwardness, management of expectations, and willingness to answer our many "what-if" questions."

    "We've been really impressed with your firm overall, too.  Some feedback:  What brought us to DLG initially was your excellent website. There's clearly lots of competition in this field and a number of good personal injury attorneys in Seattle, but your website is the best of a short list of good ones. Chris's white papers on your site, especially the one on dog bite law, was great. Very informative for knowledge geeks like Allison and me and it let us know that you do dog bites on a daily basis. Next was the fact that you personally responded to our online inquiry within hours (minutes?), and on a Sunday, if I remember.  Obviously, it's good marketing, but it also gave us confidence that you guys were not going to miss some important filing deadline or forget to submit some important fact in a letter to an insurance company--basically that you were on top of things and paying attention.  Finally, was our face-to-face meeting at your office. We enjoyed meeting Chris, [paralegal], and the rest of the team.  We appreciated their straightforwardness, management of expectations, and willingness to answer our many "what-if" questions."

    -Mark D.
  • "...I think he [Chris Davis] is the best person in the world..."

      "...I think he [Chris Davis] is the best person in the world..." Betty was visiting her daughter, Lisa, and stopped by to see a neighbor when the neighbor's dog suddenly attacked Betty without provocation.  After realizing the extent of Betty's injuries and getting the run-around from the insurance companies, Lisa decided she needed to hire a lawyer to handle the injury claim. After doing some research online, they decided to meet with Davis Law Group to explore their legal options.  Betty and Lisa hired Davis Law Group to represent them in a claim against the dog's owner. We successfully recovered a $300,000 settlement for Betty to help pay for her medical bills and future reconstructive surgeries. Full transcript of the video; Lisa: My mom was visiting me from Wisconsin and she just arrived to my house, and my neighbor went with me to pick her up in Tacoma and she was giving my kitties treats, and when she went to put some in front of my neighbor’s dog, after asking her if she could, the dog lunged at my mom and it bit her face. Um, I didn’t witness it, but I did see the after effect, and uh, it was very stressful. Betty: It was so scary. I cried, right there in the kitchen and screamed ‘help!’ And you know, Lisa really had a hard time with it too, she never left my side. They even left the door open while the surgery was happening. I never want anybody to have to go through what I did. Lisa: I was familiar with this dog. I had been around it before and I had no idea that this dog would actually attack a human being. It was horrifying. It was absolutely horrifying. I was in shock for the first few days, uh it was after 24 hours ‘cause I went with my mom to Haborview while she had the surgery done. And I did not sleep. The next day I came back to my home after Mom was released from surgery, and I was pretty much in shock still. Um, fell asleep, slept all day. Um, I missed the whole week of work, ‘cause I couldn’t really function enough to like, go in. Um, after, I think, that week, I was receiving phone calls from the insurance company—my mom’s insurance company and then placing several phone calls to Harborview and not get—kind of getting a run-around about what was happening with my mom’s bills. That’s when I decided to get a lawyer.   It was comforting to know that all the fears of worrying about the bills were taken out of my hands. I didn’t have to make any more phone calls, I didn’t have to receive any more phone calls, I just forward any kinds of concerns over to Davis. Betty: As you see, I still have a really hard time, but I am so happy that she got the website, ‘cause then she forwarded it to me, and I started watching it, and then he sent stuff so I had, uh, the book…no I think I got the book at the first meeting…but he’s so informative. I think he’s the best person in the world. I am just so happy it’s over, but I would definitely have this law firm again, if I was injured out here. Lisa: I’ll give Chris Davis a call, and set up an appointment.  

    -Betty D.
  • "Chris Davis Handled Everything For Me"

    This video testimonial features Mary Roberts, a satisfied former client, who was attacked from behind by two dogs. As she yanked away from the dogs, it resulted in an injury that required surgery on her shoulder. After speaking with the other side’s insurance company and receiving no cooperation or friendly assistance, she spoke to a friend who is an attorney in California and was referred to Chris. Full transcript of the video: I was bit by a couple dogs—attacked from behind by a couple dogs. I was carrying the dog and the two dogs came up behind me and they grabbed me and her with their mouth—bit us, and as I yanked, I ripped the muscle from my bone, and so I ended up having shoulder surgery. And they had to go in here, completely cut open, and reattach the muscle, reattach all the tendons that hold up your rotator cuff. And I’ve been there with Zoe a thousand times before, and nothing. And this particular time—I don’t know why—they just attacked. After I went to the doctor, and I knew I was going to be able to work, and I had no income coming in, I needed to do something. So I spoke with a friend of mine, who’s an attorney in California, who referred Chris to me. And so, I called her insurance company to see what was gonna go on, and she was very nasty and said no don’t call her anymore, don’t talk to Jerry, don’t talk to anybody anymore. And so at that point, that’s when I decided to call a lawyer. And I called Chris and he pretty much handled everything for me. I didn’t have to do anything, except come to Seattle and pick up the money. That’s it.

    -Mary R.
  • "I can't say enough how happy and thankful I am"

    Posted on Facebook "[Paralegal] is an amazing lady to work with. Davis Law Group is very lucky to have her. She is sympathetic to her clients and has gone the extra mile for us. She has calmed me down on the phone many times and given me a feeling of satisfaction in working my case. I couldn't ask for a better person to work with and she makes Davis Law Group shine in all that she does to help her clients. I can't say enough how happy and thankful I am in with working with someone as fantastic as [parlalegal]."

    -Billy Jo P.
  • "...he is a powerful lawyer who knows his stuff. He will fight for you and win.""

    Posted on Avvo "Our son got bit in the face [by a dog] at a birthday party of a child that attended the same school as both our elementary children. It was a difficult and emotionally charged case. Chris handled every detail and protected our children. He is professional, calm, caring, and very well versed in the law. His demeanor is polite, but don't be fooled, he is a powerful lawyer who knows his stuff. He will fight for you and win. He guided our family through a very difficult time and we received justice. This case became so ugly that the people tried to say our 8year old attacked the dog. But Chris never wavered, this is a man that you can trust your and your loved ones well being with. Sincerely Redeemed Mother"  

  • "I would recomend to anyone that if they need a P.I. attorney these are the ones to hire!"

      "I have never in my 57 yrs had to hire an attorney.  But when I was attacked by a vicious dog and the pet owners claimed I was to blame for the actions of their animal I felt the need to. I heard of the Davis Law Group from a friend, and that they were very good at getting results! I met with Chris Davis and from the first moment I felt very comfortable. They listened and heard what I was feeling. they were very professional and honest with me. Greg and in particularly [paralegal] kept in contact with me all the way through my ordeal.they kept me informed and made the process as easily as possible. I would recomend to anyone that if they need a P.I. attorney these are the ones to hire!"  

    Posted on Avvo by Jeff, dog bite client