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"Davis Law was phenomenal....I can't imagine a better partner. "

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I contacted Davis Law Group nearly three years after a rear end collision where the other driver was at fault. I had walked away from the accident thinking I was fine. Turns out I wasn't. Medical expenses had piled up and care was ongoing. In my very first meeting, Davis Law were attentive and listened to my situation.

They took my case on. Over the course of almost two years, they assisted me in tracking medical expenses and advocating with providers. They also took the burden off of me in interacting with the adverse party's insurer --as well as my own.

Davis Law undertook a multi-day mediation with the insurers to recuperate medical costs from five arm surgeries, multiple surgical interventions on my neck, and umpteen chiropractic and physical therapy appointments. They really had my back and provided precious guidance about what to expect and how to handle negotiations.

Negotiations were successful with the adverse party's insurance company but failed with my own insurer who low-balled medical expenses claimed as part of my "under-insured motorists" coverage.

That meant my case was part of the small percentage of cases that make it all the way to court. Davis Law was phenomenal. Their preparation was detailed, diligent and rigorous. They assigned three highly-qualified lawyers to different aspects of the case and engaged multiple expert witnesses. They set expectations and prepared my family for what was to come.

The court case was grueling and lasted two weeks. Davis Law was on the ball at every juncture and showed its might and deep knowledge of case precedence and legislation. The verdict awarded a sum that was significantly greater than what we were vying for in the mediation.

I am very grateful to Chris Davis and his crew for their work ethic, energy and commitment to me, and my family. This is an adventure I never wanted to undertake --I am glad I had Davis Law at my side. Every member of the staff showed their expertise, empathy and compassion. I can't imagine a better partner. 

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-Christopher C.