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"If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to."

While visiting her husband's job site during lunch, our client was attacked by a dog. The dog tore our client's lip off. Needing help, she contacted top-rated Seattle dog bite lawyer, attorney Chris Davis and the legal staff at Davis Law Group.

In the video above, listen to our client describe her injuries and how Davis Law Group helped get her life back on track.

Video Transcript

dog attack lawyer review

I was at the, eh where my husband was at with a jobsite that he was doing, he does construction, I went to go visit for lunch. When I went to my husband's truck to put away the lunch the dog came up to me and tried to butt my hand for me to pet him and then I said let me put this stuff over here in the truck and I went to go and almost try to pet him, and I wasn't bending down or nothing, I was about to go down and he jumped up and tore my whole lip off.

He was a dog that they had just adopted about three days ago and later I learned that this dog was from another family that bite a three year old. And they assumed that they could rescue him and help him out and it turned out I was the next victim on the list. So when I went to my own personal attorney to begin with he was trying to help but he was not as experienced in that area.

And I needed to have someone to help me to get through the legal matters because insurance companies are not on your side. They portray on victims that don't have any legal defense and they want to wash their hands from helping you at all.

So then I did some research and I found the Davis Law Firm which was on TV and on the internet. I did some and I came here and went through the interview and I liked it. You should always have a good attorney on your side, one that works for you not against you. The one that is for your best interest and not his own or her own depending on who he or she is for an attorney. One that will sit there and guide you through the emotion of roller coaster that you have to go through are pretty hard.

Just when you think everyone around you will be there for you they are not. And the only that really is the attorney and the person that is helping you. If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to. Like I said, you need an attorney that works for you, not against you.