Client Reviews: Pedestrian Accidents

Just a few ratings, reviews, testimonials, endorsements and thank you notes from some of our clients who were victim/survivors of pedestrian accidents.

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  • "They were very very nice, everything was very well explained. We had a great experience."

    <!--cke_bookmark_259S--><!--cke_bookmark_259E--><!--cke_bookmark_235S--><!--cke_bookmark_235E--> "I was hit by a pickup truck. I was crossing the street on the Lynnwood cross walk and this white pickup was in front of the cross walk and just idling so I started crossing and at the point when I was right in front of the pickup truck the driver reaved up and hit me. And I fell on the road and my wrist got broken. My wrist and my whole arm got broken. He drove me home. He picked up off the street. "Oh my god did I hit you?" And he drove me home. Then I went to the Emergency Room and then I don't really remember what happened rest of that day." "We called the cops. I don't remember that. Yeah it's all a blur. And I came out of the cast in July sometime and now I am still working on it. And this is my dominate hand. I am left handed and I do everything with the left hand and it was quite annoying." "I believe it was before he had surgery I had never been in this kind of situation before and I know that I called 911 when you came back with the guy who hit you. I'm glad I did that. And then I think a little while later, like a couple of days, I just thought I should really call a lawyer because I don't know anything about this and I didn't know anything about his insurance or  what to do about any of that aspect about it and that is why I called this law firm. And we had a lot of email correspondence, phone correspondence, everyone was great, they got back to us immediately. They were very very nice, everything was very well explained. We had a great experience. And we they gave us a rebate, that is very nice. I did not expect that. No I didn't either."

    -Former Client
  • "I am glad I chose The Davis Law Group because they were very fast and efficient."

    Posted on Yelp "This was my first time needing a lawyer and it was overall a great experience. Everything was taken care if and handled for me. Anytime I was needed, I was contacted immediately and walked through every process. I am glad I chose the Davis Law Group because they were very fast and efficient."

    -Brittany O.
  • "...I was hit when I was legally in the crosswalk...we would have had nothing without Davis Law Group."

    "I was hit in a crosswalk while walking to get to my bus early one morning. I was hit and thrown actually 20 feet in the air, which I didn’t know until the next day because I was hit and landed on my head and had a traumatic brain injury. I actually thought I was not hurt too badly, I went to the emergency room and then over the next few days, it got worse and worse. It was a little frightening." "At first, I was pretty much down for the count. After about a month, I was able to go back to work – I had an executive position with a national nonprofit. Over time, I really couldn’t keep up, not realizing it, I kept thinking I could do it but I couldn’t keep up with the stress and the pressure and the things that I had normally done, and I eventually had to walk away from that position which was really sad for me." "We were really relying on the insurance company, we felt like they would be fair with us. It seemed like an open-and-shut, I was hit when I was legally in the crosswalk, and there was no doubt that they would pay us for my injuries. At the zero hour, we realized that they were not going to." "Disappointed wasn’t the right word, it was sort of shocked and devastated that they would treat us the way they did. They kept telling us, “We’ll get back to you.” There was probably a month of not hearing from them even though we’d tried to contact them, and that was when we thought, “Oh, something is really wrong here. They’re not being up front with us.” "I had gotten luckily into an outpatient therapy group at the University of Washington and they kept telling me to get a lawyer, and I kept saying “No, we’re just going to trust the insurance company.” So that was playing in the back of my mind, and I thought maybe they were right at the very end. So we googled “brain injury lawyers” and there were three or four who came up, and then we saw Chris [Davis]’s video, and thought this looks pretty amazing. We should have gotten a lawyer a long time ago, but we just wanted to trust the insurance company." "We came here, hoping against hope that you [Davis Law Group] would take our case, and thankfully you did. I just feel so relieved that there kind of aren’t words to explain, it’s over. It’s been almost four years, and I get to walk out of the office today with a check, and we would have had nothing without you all. I mean literally, nothing, or maybe less than nothing – I don’t know. So I get to walk out and be done and go on with my life. Thank you, Chris was terrific, [paralegal], Greg, everyone was so helpful and I always felt welcome when I walked in the door and needed anything, so thank you."

    -Laurie V.
  • "I was so very appreciative that I had Chris Davis in my court as we negotiated a settlement for my elderly grandfather."

    "I was so very appreciative that I had Chris Davis in my court as we negotiated a settlement for my elderly grandfather.  His professionalism and tenacity came through time and time again.  He is quite knowledgeable in the field of litigation, always returned phone calls in a timely manner, and was most thorough in explaining each step of the arduous process in procuring a settlement.  But, more importantly, I felt Chris genuinely cared about securing the right settlement for my grandfather.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking a great attorney."

    -Mary W.
  • "...we would like to thank the team at Davis Law Group from the bottom of our hearts."

    Posted on Google and Facebook "I was hit by a car wile walking across the street after work. My husband knew he had to get a lawyer very early on, and so from the hospital bed we conducted interviews of 5 potential lawyers. When we first met with Chris and Mishelle, we knew we had a winner. We hired them, and never looked back. Chris and his team keep us up to date on all the developments, made us feel very welcome via E-mail, telephone call's and everytime we had to visit the office. Things moved along nicely even though we all were expecting it to be a few years, but things got finalised under 18 months. One of the services that Chris introduced to Me was the vocational psychologist. This lady has been very instrumental in helping to point Me towards a new career, since My chosen one can no longer be done.  Now that everything is all said and done, we would like to thank the team at Davis Law Group from the bottom of our hearts."

    -Melinda & Aaron S.
  • "I have great confidence in Davis Law Group."

    Posted on Yelp "I have great confidence in Davis Law Group.  Everything is handled discreetly and professionally.  [Paralegal] has been extremely helpful, answering all my questions, thoroughly and promptly.  I feel quite secure about seeking quality care, knowing that I will not suffer financially during my healing process. Kudos!"

    -Rosie R.
  • "If you are searching for an attorney for your personal injury litigation in the Seattle area, look no further than the Davis Law Group."

    Posted on Avvo "I endorse this lawyer. Chris and I worked together as co-counsel in a complex litigation in Seattle. I have worked with many attorneys throughout the years in co-counsel relationships, but Chris and his staff are tops! I was impressed with how they work with clients and how hard they work on case matters. If you are searching for an attorney for your personal injury litigation in the Seattle area, look no further than the Davis Law Group."  Andrew Garcia, Attorney at Law

    -Andrew G.
  • "My experience with The Chris Davis Law Firm so far has been great!"

    Posted on Google "My experience with The Chris Davis Law Firm so far has been great! They show that they really care about their clients. They do a great job of keeping you informed on the next step in your case. So far, I am definitely satisfied and so glad I went with this firm and [paralegal]!"

    -Brittany A.
  • "...kicks ass..."

    "As I was coming up to a crosswalk, one of the kids I teach art with in another classroom was on the left hand side and had pushed the button to walk. So I turned and went to wave to them and this person without breaking slammed into the back of me." "In the first couple of weeks I was still kind of dazed just you are so sore. You are sore the day of the accident but then it almost gets worse. I am a mother of four and I was thinking I could still be super mom and hold them together and then the adjustor started calling. And they were calling my cell phone at 7:30 in the morning when I was trying to get my kids out and as late at 8'o clock night. You know, 'well have you heard anything? Have you talked to her yet? Have you talked to a surgeon yet?' Just trying to bully me for answers I felt like." "And like I said it was just two weeks. It was everyday, several times a day for two weeks. And it was very, um, they wouldn't ask a question like 'how are you feeling today?' Instead it was like 'on a scale of one to ten how are you feeling today?' It was always an interrogation. And I felt like every day they were trying to wear me down. Wear me to down to slip up and say something that was going to come back and bite me in the butt later." "You should never let the adjustor from the other insurance company make you feel like less of a person because you want representation. They should never make you feel or try and talk you out of asking for help. Because it gets, you get in so far over your head, almost immediately, and like I said there are days." "Like you have your surgery and then you are looking at 3 months of physical therapy for three times a week and you are going 'what?' you know, that is going to be on my kids birthday, or that is going to be on anniversary or that means I am not going to be able to go on vacation this year. And those are the days that you have to have somebody that is going to help you. You know those are the days that I call on Rory and say 'hey I have thing other thing going on I am doing the best I can but they are beating me down' and Rory calls and kicks ass."

    -Former Client,
  • "I was struck by a drunk driver as a pedestrian… Chris Davis is a great man… he’s protecting you at all times.”

    Posted on Google "I was struck by a drunk driver as a pedestrian—driven through a wall outside of a bar. My lower right leg was severed along w/multiple damages to right my foot. I was 8 hours away from moving to Las Vegas! I’m a single parent. I was moving due to my daughter’s immune deficiencies. I’m very grateful towards my family for appointing the services of Davis Law Group. Their thorough investigation made a huge impact regarding my case. During my recovery the group took care of everything; Doctor bills, legal issues, Insurance documents, etc. I first met Mishelle Davis—a very kind and confident lady. [Paralegal] has been my main source of contact; emails, phone calls, and messages—quickly notifying me of events and gathering information. She’s extremely cheerful and perky. She’s always made me feel at ease when visiting the office and has a sympathetic ear. And Chris Davis is a great man. He has a very reserved firmness about him. As if he’s protecting you at all times. I can’t forget the secretary staff—they’ve always made me feel very hospitable when visiting the office. I’m absolutely positive that this group will do what it takes to finalize my case and get the results needed to assist me in my altered future while I focus on the current, which is me and my daughter.  Thank you, Davis Law Group!"

  • Chris Davis is a exceptional attorney

    "Not only is Chris Davis an exceptional attorney who has had success settling a wide range of cases, he is also clearly dedicated to his clients, their families and the community. This is apparent in his generosity when it comes to supporting charities as well as the open communication he constantly encourages. I would be happy to recommend Chris Davis to anyone looking for justice after negligence in the state of Washington."

    Posted on Avvo by Chuck Boyk, Attorney at Law
  • "I am so happy these guys were recommended to me!"

    Watch The News Coverage of Brittany's Crosswalk Accident Above "I'm really happy with what service the Davis Law Firm has given me so far...I am in a situation that really needed a set of good, experienced lawyers to help me with all of the hurdles. I am so happy these guys were recommended to me! -P.S.[paralegal]'s been a huge help to me!"

    Posted on Google by Brittany Jackson