What Distracted Driving Accident Victims Say About Davis Law Group, P.S.


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  • "...wonderful...very quick response...it was very nice...you did a great job for me"

    "...wonderful...very quick response...it was very nice...you did a great job for me" <!--cke_bookmark_85S--><!--cke_bookmark_85E--> This video testimonial features a satisfied former client who was hit by a driver who ran a red light, injuring her lower back and causing significant damage to her kneecaps. After seeing commercials for Davis Law Group, P.S., she ordered the book, The Ten Biggest Mistakes that can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case before talking to anybody. She consulted her own insurance company with her PIP plan, then contacted us.  Full Transcript Of The Video A lady going 45 mph just ran the red light and hit the side of my car. I had lower back injuries, but mostly it’s my kneecaps, um, my knees came up and hit the steering wheel. And I have now lots of scar tissue and arthritis in my kneecap. So no more running or working out. Um, well, I had seen the commercials for the Davis Law Group, so I called and got the book, so I read the book real quick and I didn’t talk to anybody, and then I just kind of dealt with my insurance through my PIP plan as long as that would cover everything. And then I contacted Melina. She’s wonderful. I mean, we did most of the stuff by email but it was—very quick response with any questions and she’d get right back to me, with anything. It was very nice and easy to work with you. Well I definitely think that you need to not talk to the other insurance adjustor, ‘cause I really can see where that can be a trapping thing for you, but I just think you need to document everything you do, every time you go to the doctor, keep track of everything you do and how you’re feeling because I think that makes a difference in the end. But I’d definitely call you guys because I think you did a good job for me.

    -Former Client
  • "...I totally recommend Davis Law!"

    This video testimonial features a previous Davis Law Group, P.S. who was injured in not one, but two separate motor vehicle collisions. His wife was a passenger in both accidents as well, and after doing some online research she decided to call Davis Law Group to discuss their legal options. They found their paralegal to be extremely helpful and were surprised at how little effort the whole process required. Full transcription of the video: My wife and I were in two accidents over the course of about a nine-month period, and both of them were the other driver’s fault. We both had injuries that required different medical procedures, physical therapy and doctor’s visits, and it was just kind of a nightmare. What we wanted to do is find someone who was able to help us and [we wouldn’t] have to worry about doing all of the paper work and making sure we were compensated for all of the suffering that we were going through at that time. I had just recently been laid off from work, which was not a wonderful experience as you can imagine. We were traveling on northbound I-5 on a fairly clear, March afternoon – I do believe it was in March. We were doing about 40 [mph] with the rest of traffic and somebody just plowed into us at about 60 mph. We wanted to have somebody take care of this for us. My wife is extremely astute, and she was on top of it almost immediately. She wanted to find someone who made it so we didn’t have to worry about all of the bureaucracy and red tape, and we were able to just get through our recovery. She did a lot of searching online and Davis Law [Group] was somebody that came with a lot of good recommendations, so we called you guys up and you took us in a couple of days, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing ever since. It’s been really, really great. Cindy, who is our paralegal that worked on our case, was extremely helpful. She was always on top of everything, whenever there was any sort of updates we were informed very quickly. After our first accident happened, it was a few months later that we got into a second accident and we just called her up and we came in and she took it upon herself to get that one rolling too. I totally recommend Davis Law [Group], like I was saying Cindy has been fantastic; I email her and as long as it’s not a holiday she gets back to me within a few hours. She always has constant information, she called me to set up everything. Whenever she had news, she would make sure to have that extra personal touch and make sure that we actually talked over the phone at least once a month.

    -Former Client
  • "Chris Davis will really take care of you."

    Joe Crevling is a previous client of Davis Law Group, P.S. who was injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver. The at-fault driver collided into the vehicle being driven by Joe's uncle, who was also injured in the crash. The following is a transcription of Joe's story told in the video above: We were driving down Alki boulevard and so it’s just a cross walk in the middle of a one lane street, she pushed us all the way past the crosswalk so if the pedestrian that we would of stopped for didn’t pay attention and as vigilant as he, he would have been hit by our car and I mean she was going fast enough, like I said my uncle had his breaks on and she pushed us a good 10 feet past the crosswalk and he would have been severely injured as well if he wasn’t paying attention. What happened was, is that she had in her kid in the car and she was paying attention turning around to the back seat trying to pay attention to her kid or whatever she was doing and wasn’t paying attention so that was even scarier to find out that she was paying to her kid and not the road. This was a pretty good accident I’d say she was going I say 20-25mph with no breaks when she hit us. I got a pretty good shoulder injury but nothing too severe. My uncle got the brunt of the damage because she kind of hit more of his side of the car. I just had to pretty much go through massage therapy and went to a few doctors appointments and some massage therapy and I was lucky to be okay. My uncle on the other hand has gone through several MRI’s already and several, several doctor appointments. I actually used Chris’ little book he had in my uncle’s car and I gave one to my sister as well so we all got those in our glove compartments. We circled all the where the damage was the whole nine got everybody’s name, and you know what we pretty much followed the book and that’s kind of what we did. You guys were the first people I called and again even though I wasn’t too severely injured or anything like that you guys took care of me well enough the last time that because again with my previous lawyer the whole reason I found you guys was because this guy took over a year on something that Chris said was something that should of only taken a week and I felt like I was such on the back burner and Chris has taken care of me 100% and anytime there’s a phone call or an email within 24 hours, it’s not even 24 hours its 12 hours later if that, within the business day even that you guys get back to us. You guys take all the headache out of this and there was way too much headache for me last time that I just you know I wasn’t even going to deal with it  anymore and so I recommended you guys to my uncle also and anybody who’s ever gotten  injured in a car accident with my family as well you know I just say “Hey go to this guy, this guy he’ll really take care of ya.” Hopefully I’ll never need it again but if I do I know who to call now.

    -Joe C.
  • "...went through a lot of websites checking and going through credentials..."

    "About a year and a half ago, it was the end of July, we were on a freeway driving through Kirkland and we were driving and traffic ahead started slowing and before we knew it we could hear breaks locking and then we were hit. Things happen so quickly you don't realize what you are doing and what is really happening. So, you know, the shock and everything that everyone tells you happens, happens and so you go through that process and you think you are okay and you think you can handle it and then you find out you are little above your head." "You know I really have pain and hurt and I didn't know what to do. I had to go to the doctor and people tried to help me in a way to tell me what I had to do for the accident and really it's hard to find a person that can help because you don't know who has a lot of experience in this kind of accident." "The thing that was the most important at the time was getting somebody that would be able to take care of any situation that would come up so that it is became involved he seems like he had a great background. We went through a lot of websites checking and going through credentials and we wanted to make sure we found somebody that if situations went bad that he would have, or they would have, that kind of background to be able to help through that. And that is exactly what he was able to do. Helps us in those situations that when things don't go right, what do we do and how do we handle it. Because ours was not just a cut and dry case." "I am really happy with the job that Mr. Davis, it was really great. But in my personal thinking is only that I am happy with myself for the process of healing and I am really happy with the job Mr. Davis did, it was really great." "It is not something you want to go through, it is a very difficult process; it is not an easy process. That is why you guys are the place. It is important like I say to have those good people behind you because they have to kind of carry you through it. You just can't do this by yourself. And if you think you can then you are hurting yourself because you outcome will not be as good."

    -Former Client
  • "...I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent me!"

    Posted on Google "Davis Law Group has been very helpful after my accident! I would recommend it 100%!  [Paralegal], my paralegal is very helpful and I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent me!"

    -Dulce M.
  • "I couldn't have asked for anything better."

    <!--cke_bookmark_85S--><!--cke_bookmark_85E--> "I couldn't have asked for anything better."

    -Ron T.
  • "...it's not hard to see why Chris has more 5-star Google reviews and 5-star Avvo reviews than any other personal injury attorney in Seattle."

    Posted on Avvo A while back I was in a car accident on I-5. Rear-ended by some idiot who was texting his girlfriend during rush hour traffic. I hired a well-known personal injury law firm that advertises on TV all the time (you can probably guess who). I had a horrible experience. Fired that firm. Did my research. Hired Chris Davis of Davis Law Group. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Night and day!! When I worked with the other law firm I never met the attorney (he's like always golfing in Arizona or something), had some recent law school grad handling my case, the paralegal never returned my calls, I had no clue what was happening. It was a total joke. But when I hired Davis Law Group everything was changed. I met with Chris Davis himself and his wife (who runs the office for him) greeted me during my first visit. The paralegal assigned to help with my case always returned me calls, kept me updated, answered my emails, everything. I always knew what was going on. I always knew what was happening. They explained EVERYTHING!! And they made me feel like we were working together as a team. They actually asked me how I felt, what I was thinking, how my medical treatment was going, etc. We had a mediation for my case in the Davis Law Group office. I was there all damn day. They made me feel at home, gave me snacks, internet access, and a television to watch when I was waiting for the insurance company attorneys to respond. Chris' wife came in and checked on me a lot to see how I was doing. Chris, Greg and my paralegal spent tons of time with me. I couldn't believe that I was getting so much personal attention when I know that they have cases that are way bigger and more important than mine. The entire experience was great and they got me a settlement that was twice the size of what the 'other law firm' was talking about. Looking back on it it's not hard to see why Chris has more 5-star Google reviews and 5-star Avvo reviews than any other personal injury attorney in Seattle. And it's no mystery who he has literally dozens of attorney awards, plaques, and trophies. Have you looked at the awards page on his website? Damn! He's like in the personal injury lawyer hall of fame! Like Cooperstown for attorneys. He's there. He's the man. He's the MVP! Go look at that page. And it's no wonder he's on TV all the time. The news reporters call him when they want an expert attorney to comment on some legal issue. And he handles some of the biggest cases in Washington State. He's been on KING5, KOMO4, KIRO7, Q13, CNN, talking about his cases. My case wasn't one of those big news story cases. I was just some guy who was rear-ended by an idiot in rush hour. But Chris Davis and Davis Law Group treated me like I was one of their big value, important, in-the-news clients. They treated me like I had the biggest case in the office or something. My case settled over a year ago. I've been meeting to write a review for a long time. I should have done it a long time ago. If you want the best personal injury lawyer in Seattle then hire Chris Davis.

    -Former Client
  • "...nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome."

    Posted on Yelp "I have been working with the Davis Law Group for a few months now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. My paralegal, [TD], has been extremely informative about the injury process, she follows up with me on a regular basis, and replies to my emails within minutes (which I greatly appreciate!). Without her, I'm not sure what I would do. I highly recommend this firm."

    -Jaime A.
  • Thank you very much to everyone at the Davis Law Group who has handled my case.

    Posted on Google ​"My experience with Davis Law Group so far has been great. I enjoyed initially meeting with [paralegal] and Chris in person at their office as they were very accommodating and gave me in-depth realistic information. Over the past four months since my accident [paralegal] has been extremely helpful, quick and graceful in the way she has dealt with my case and numerous questions overall. [paralegal] has also done a great job keeping in touch with not only myself during the process but several of my family members as well when I couldn't. Thank you very much to [paralegal] and everyone else at the Davis Law Group who has handled my case."

    -Brandon E.
  • "I highly recommend Davis Law Group and have recommended them to friends."

    Posted on Yelp on 3/28/2017 5.0 star rating Davis Law Group helped me navigate the insurance company overload after my accident.  Everyone I worked with was professional and answered all questions.  I highly recommend Davis Law Group and have recommended them to friends. Posted on Yelp on  8/5/2016 5.0 star rating I'm very pleased with the service I received from Davis Law Group. They were very professional and provided detailed information on the legal process.

    -Jay W.
  • "...all the people with The Davis Law Group in Seattle Wa. have done an excellent job on getting my case settled in a timely matter."

    Posted on Avvo  "...all the people with the Davis Law Group in Seattle Wa. have done an excellent job on getting my case settled in a timely matter."

    -Jim R.
  • "I have great confidence in Davis Law Group."

    Posted on Yelp "I have great confidence in Davis Law Group.  Everything is handled discreetly and professionally.  [Paralegal] has been extremely helpful, answering all my questions, thoroughly and promptly.  I feel quite secure about seeking quality care, knowing that I will not suffer financially during my healing process. Kudos!"  

    -Rose R.