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personal injury lawsuit lawyerPosted on Yelp

"I had a unique case for the Davis Law Group since I live in California and my accident occurred in Kent, Washington. It took me a moment to find this firm since my first move was to look in my home state and find a lawyer that could represent me. That did not turn out well, so I ended up finding the Davis Law Group through some researching online."

"[paralegal] was wonderful to work and mainly because she communicated things very well. I received updates frequently and she guided me through the process with reasonable expectations. We ran into some road bumps along the way due to certain items missing from the previous paralegals, but [paralegal] brought my file update with speed and diligence. I finally got my settlement in two to three months with [paralegal] guiding the ship. It was great to finally settle everything. DLG was also very generous in compensating me for the mishap with my file and I was very appreciative with that. I want to end this by saying if you're ever in an accident in the Seattle area, DLG is the place to go. I also hope that [paralegal] will continue to bring success to DLG with her hard work and dedication."

-Richard Q.