What Child Injury Victim/Survivors & Community Leaders Say About Us

Just a few ratings, reviews, testimonials, endorsements and thank you notes from some of our clients who were victim/survivors of child injuries.


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  • "Davis Law has helped us every step of the way with our case. I am glad to have them on my side."

    Posted on Facebook "[Paralegal] has been great to work with. She is quick to respond to any question that I have. The group at Davis Law has helped us every step of the way with our case. I am glad to have them on my side." Posted on Google "I was in a car accident 2 1/2 years ago, and my paralegal has been wonderful. I can tell that they are working hard on my case, and I would highly recommend Davis Law Group. Thank you!"

    -Karen M.
  • "...this law firm has provided me comfort and security..."

    This video testimonial features a satisfied former client of Davis Law Group who was involved in a car accident that injured her and her two young children. She didn't know where to turn or what her legal rights were in terms of getting compensated for her personal injuries and other damages, so she hired attorney Chris Davis to represent her and her family. At the end of the day, she received substantial compensation for her injuries, medical bills and lost wages and was able to focus on getting her life back on track while our office pursued a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company. Full transcription of the video testimonial: I have never gone through this before. I think that one night is so fresh in my mind. We were on our way to go watch a football game at our school, at our high school and um, it was raining. I work as a bus driver and then I have to go take my kids to all their running around but that one night was the football game. You know, a night out for us and I was sitting at the stop light waiting for the light to turn green and I hear this boom from the back and I am thinking my boys are big, they are playing rough in the back and I said “No, it can’t be that hard.” I had all these things to process, you know I just hit the car in front of me without any of my control. My foot was on the stop pedal. And then I realize, no I just hit the guy in front and the first hit was from the back. It seemed longer but it was fast, you know, so I stopped and the driver behind me came out and the one in front came out yelling at me and I was like “no you got to wait, I was hit from the back.” So from that point I didn’t know what to think or what to do. I didn’t want to deal with it. I already got my family in my hands and it’s a lot of work and to be a single mom and have three teenagers to manage. Getting hit by somebody that is totally responsible for this accident, I don’t want to deal with it. But I was pretty sure in my mind there is got to be somebody that can help me take care of this situation and I don’t have to worry about it. So I had Mark look it up and I said “you know we need a professional person that is not responsible but um has experience in this kind of matters” and the very next day he came up with your law firm’s name and said that this is one person that could take care of the situation for us and I handed it all to Mr. Davis. I came and met him a couple days later and gave him all the information needed. It is a lot of hassle having to deal with your own doctors and your own family and yourself. Trying to bring yourself back to where you were prior to. My advice to you is this is the right place to be.  My advice to you is this law firm has provided me comfort and security so you can focus on to focus on yourself so you can get well and not have to worry about everything else.

    -Former Client
  • "Chris handled every detail and protected our children."

    "Our son got bit in the face [by a dog] at a birthday party of a child that attended the same school as both our elementary children. It was a difficult and emotionally charged case. Chris handled every detail and protected our children. He is professional, calm, caring, and very well versed in the law. His demeanor is polite, but don't be fooled, he is a powerful lawyer who knows his stuff. He will fight for you and win. He guided our family through a very difficult time and we received justice. This case became so ugly that the people tried to say our 8year old attacked the dog. But Chris never wavered, this is a man that you can trust your and your loved ones well being with. Sincerely Redeemed Mother"

  • "After having my son was hit by a car...the law office of Chris Davis was always there to explain the steps along the way and answered all questions to the fullest."

    "After having my son was hit by a car a little over a year ago, Chris has been there from the start along with his polite and helpful staff . The law office of Chris Davis was always there to explain the steps along the way and answered all questions to the fullest. Thank you Chris and staff for being there for us."

    Posted on Avvo by: Denise, Mother of Injured Son
  • "He is 'the man.'"

    "I endorse this lawyer. Chris and his team are dedicated to serving their clients beyond what most other lawyers are willing to do. Chris addresses all the needs of a client who has been injured and that relieves so much stress and anxiety. Chris' clients know they have an advocate and a partner on their journey to recovery. All the clients I have referred to him have been absolutely satisfied with his service. He is 'the man.'"

    Posted on Avvo by: Molly Kenny, Attorney at Law
  • "Chris is one of the most creative, tenacious and dedicated attorneys working today."

    "Chris is one of the most creative, tenacious and dedicated attorneys working today. He is committed to his clients' cases and is always fighting for their rights. He is not afraid to take on a challenge and knows how to right a wrong! Chris also is a noted author and has written two books. His latest book has created awareness among parents about common accidents that he he has seen involving children and how to avoid them. He also wrote the book based on his experiences in handling these types of cases for many clients suffering the enormous grief of having to cope with an injured child. Chris has tremendous compassion and sympathy and knows how to deal with the most tragic of circumstances. I highly recommend Chris in the Seattle area - there is no one better."

    Posted on Avvo by: Jeffrey Rasansky, Attorney at Law
  • "I could call anytime I needed anything, and always got the help I needed."

    Posted on Google This review is in regards to my daughters case.  My 4 year old daughter was attacked by a dog Valentines day of 2012. I immediately started looking for attorneys. The Davis Law Group was the first I came across, the first I met with, and the one I hired.  They were honest and upfront with me, and when they looked over the facts of the case, they decided to take it, and I'm sure glad they did....Although it took over 2 years, I'm not dissatisfied in the least. You can't rush these things, and I understood that from the very beginning. I would highly recommend this law firm, and will always keep them in mind should I need another attorney for any personal injuries.

    -Alexis Saliveros
  • "...very helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional..."

    Posted on Yelp "...the paralegal who took very care of my daughter's case with DLG was on top of it. I was very overwhelmed with my daughter's accident. [Paralegal] was available to answer questions and always bring me up-to-date with her case. She is very helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional in handling my daughter's case. I'm very pleased for all that she has done and I enjoy working with [paralegal]. She is super-duper awesome! Great Work!  

    -Siao M.
  • "Very professional, yet very personable at the same time."

    Posted on Google "My daughter was in an auto accident on her way to school, she was rear ended by another driver and it set her jeep on fire. The madness of the harassment from the other parties insurance company was put to rest once I hired Davis Law Group. I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed from everything....and my daughter was NOT at fault. KR took all of my stress and anxiety away with a quickness. I was able to relax again and focus on my daughter's injuries and her healing process. Very professional, yet very personable at the same time."

    -Jeannette S.
  • "Davis Law Group handled a car accident case that my son and I were in, and saw it through till the very end..."

    Posted on Avvo "Davis Law Group handled a car accident case that my son and I were in, and saw it through till the very end, and were very patient with me and all of my questions. I was very pleased with [paralegal] and her skills as a paralegal, and her warm attitude! [attorney] also really went to bat for me with the insurance company."

  • "...his efforts helped my son tremendously..."

    "I hired this lawyer for my son who received a traumatic brain injury in a very serious car accident. Mr. Davis did a great job, and his efforts helped my son tremendously.  His staff was also good, very knowledgeable and returned calls promptly. I interviewed 3 other attorneys but I was most impressed with Mr. Davis.  If you have a serious car accident claim, he's the lawyer to use."

  • "…I am eternally grateful!”

    “Chris provided us with uncommon representation…I am eternally grateful!”

    -Father of Injured Son