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Seattle attorney Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group have a great track record. We have helped thousands of injured people get fair settlements and verdicts for their personal injury claims. Here is a collection of testimonials, client reviews, endorsements, and thank you letters from just a few of the injury victims and survivors whom we have had the privilege to serve.

Last updated: September 29, 2017

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  • ""Kind, understanding, compassionate, open minded, non judgmental. Clearly professional and honest... "

    "Kind, understanding, compassionate, open minded, non judgmental. Clearly professional and honest... What Lawyers/Legal People are meant to be...."

    Posted on 11/5/12 on Facebook by Brenda Kennedy
  • "...Mr. Davis truly should be commended for this service to the community at large..."

    " my opinion this pithy book [The Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Accident Case] is brilliant in its simplicity, rich in its depth and an overall good and satisfying read. Mr. Davis truly should be commended for this service to the community at large and the Plaintiff's Bar particularly. Bravo!"

    -Jayne Marsh Gilbert, Gilbert and Gilbert Lawyers
  • "If I Ever Get In Another Car Accident I'm Gonna Call Chris Davis"

    "The car behind me was driving at a certain speed and kind of rammed me into the back, she was just in a hurry to do everything and she said, “Oh, I didn’t even know the light was still red.” But that was the incident and so we pulled over to the side and we talked about it and discussed it, exchanged insurance information." "I went home that night and I know the pain had start. I think what was happening I was so on a, the impact that I had I was so kind of surprised. You know when your surprised when something happens you don’t feel it until you calm down. On the way picking him up and coming home and stuff and I kind of was sitting down and wow I think I messed my back up pretty bad." "Out of nowhere, "This is American Family Insurance calling, and we would like to have an interview with you and we want to record what we talk about about the incident.” And I’m going like I don’t want that, that’s not going to work. I kind of remember what the lawyers would tell me, "Don’t confer with another insurance company about what the incident until you make sure you've got a lawyer to represent you." They called me, they said “Well you don’t have to go nowhere were going to negotiate to you were going to get your one-time settlement and hopefully that you will okay with that.” "I wasn’t going to be okay with that, what they were going offer, because they didn’t say we can sit down and talk, certain things they didn’t say. They said were going to one-time settlement and that’s it. And that’s when I came in and got one of the best groups of peoples that I know can handle the situation and I had been watching you guys on the commercials and I said "You know what, and this was probably maybe a month before this whole thing happened, if I ever get into a car accident I’m going to call Chris Davis," you know what I’m saying, just like that." "I came in and Cindy and Greg and all those guys and that was some good service and they gave me some good information and they kept me informed. Step by step, procedure by procedure, how’s it going to go, what we except, what to look for and whatever. And they most importantly said don’t have any more contact with them." "But they were great, they did a great job. So yeah I’m real satisfied of the outcome of this. It saved me a whole lot of time. And if anything like that ever happened again I won’t have to do anything but pick up my little card and call you guys, call Chris Davis."

    -David Scott, Former Client
  • "...this law firm has provided me comfort and security..."

    This video testimonial features a satisfied former client of Davis Law Group who was involved in a car accident that injured her and her two young children. She didn't know where to turn or what her legal rights were in terms of getting compensated for her personal injuries and other damages, so she hired attorney Chris Davis to represent her and her family. At the end of the day, she received substantial compensation for her injuries, medical bills and lost wages and was able to focus on getting her life back on track while our office pursued a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company. Full transcription of the video testimonial: I have never gone through this before. I think that one night is so fresh in my mind. We were on our way to go watch a football game at our school, at our high school and um, it was raining. I work as a bus driver and then I have to go take my kids to all their running around but that one night was the football game. You know, a night out for us and I was sitting at the stop light waiting for the light to turn green and I hear this boom from the back and I am thinking my boys are big, they are playing rough in the back and I said “No, it can’t be that hard.” I had all these things to process, you know I just hit the car in front of me without any of my control. My foot was on the stop pedal. And then I realize, no I just hit the guy in front and the first hit was from the back. It seemed longer but it was fast, you know, so I stopped and the driver behind me came out and the one in front came out yelling at me and I was like “no you got to wait, I was hit from the back.” So from that point I didn’t know what to think or what to do. I didn’t want to deal with it. I already got my family in my hands and it’s a lot of work and to be a single mom and have three teenagers to manage. Getting hit by somebody that is totally responsible for this accident, I don’t want to deal with it. But I was pretty sure in my mind there is got to be somebody that can help me take care of this situation and I don’t have to worry about it. So I had Mark look it up and I said “you know we need a professional person that is not responsible but um has experience in this kind of matters” and the very next day he came up with your law firm’s name and said that this is one person that could take care of the situation for us and I handed it all to Mr. Davis. I came and met him a couple days later and gave him all the information needed. It is a lot of hassle having to deal with your own doctors and your own family and yourself. Trying to bring yourself back to where you were prior to. My advice to you is this is the right place to be.  My advice to you is this law firm has provided me comfort and security so you can focus on to focus on yourself so you can get well and not have to worry about everything else.

    -Former Client
  • "We picked the Davis Law Group...I give them an A++"

    <!--cke_bookmark_104S--><!--cke_bookmark_104E--> "We interviewed 3 potential attorneys and we picked the Davis Law Group for a myriad of reasons...We felt very comfortable. This law group was very responsive to us, immediately.  They laid out the road plan or the game plan for us.  Kept us in constant connection with them… I give them an A++”

  • "I just needed somebody to go to bat for me."

    This man suffered significant injuries after a drunk driver hit him at 60 mph in a school zone. Facing a series of financial setbacks as a result of the accident, he called the Davis Law Group. DLG attorneys were able to get him the compensation he needed to cover the costs of this tragic accident. Full transcript of the video: Drunk driver going 60 in a 30 ran a red light and t-boned me in my suburban. He didn’t have insurance, his license was suspended, uh, he was drinking in a school zone. And uh, everything he could have done wrong he did wrong, so that’s why I ended up here. The impact pushed me 100 feet diagonally. Think of a cue ball in a, playing pool. The cue ball stays where the impact is and the other ball goes way over there. I was pushed up against this brick wall—a landscape wall, I couldn’t open my door very much, and one of the neighbors came out and helped me get out of my suburban. The kind of adrenaline and shock kinda just made me want to get out of the vehicle. And then I felt kind of messed up. So this is like, really gonna hurt me financially, um, I just bought that suburban, hardly owed anything on it. And my back was gonna be messed up for a bit where I wasn’t gonna be able to work. So lost two months of work, not just from the injury but I didn’t have a vehicle. Um, and I—so I needed to be reimbursed for that. And so I felt like Davis law firm could help out with that. You just need somebody to go to bat for you. That really helped out. Marty was great. She was always uh on the ball, calling to inform me what was happening, what the status was. My advice would be—it’s definitely—if you think there are some issues in the accident that A. shouldn’t have happened, and B. that someone made some bad choices and bad mistakes. I wasn’t vengeful, but I needed to be reimbursed for all the stuff that I had to pay out of the pocket for initially.

    -Former Client
  • 'If you need an attorney, hire the best."

    In this testimonial video, a previous client of Davis Law Group shares her story of a car accident that left her with significant injuries and costly medical bills. She says she was thrown underneath her own truck and was stuck there for more than 45 minutes and had to have the truck lifted off of her in order for her to escape. She spent two months in serious pain as a result of her injuries, which led her to realize that she could benefit from hiring an attorney to represent her. Her advice to accident victims in Washington state was, “If you need somebody, hire the best.” Full transcription of the video: It was November 22 last year it was snowing I was coming from work and everybody was slipping and sliding. So I parked my truck and there was this cute kid who was going to help me he was going to do some gravel or something. As we were talking a car hit the back of my truck, your not going to believe this but I got thrown underneath the truck. I was underneath the truck for 45 minutes. The Bellevue Fire Department I found this out afterwards, drilled a hole in both sides of the doors to lift the truck off of me, yeah that was scary. You know boy I was in a lot of pain for probably almost two months, really bad. I don’t like drama I really don’t and I wanted to, and I thought you know what I’m going to hire an attorney because I was really, I was visualizing hell. And I thought I’ll hire an attorney and I found out about Mr. Davis and I came in and he was really nice. He made me feel so comfortable. And you know what I’ve never had to use an attorney before this is the first time. But if I ever need another one we’ll go with him again because I’m very comfortable with him. But what I really liked was the fact that they kept me informed on everything, I didn’t have to wonder. I loved it when I, I think it was Marty I talked to, I said 'well what should I do?' because I was getting these calls, you know I didn’t answer the calls. I called Marty instead and I said, 'what should I do?' and she said just refer them to Mr. Davis, I said okay that was great. And I was never concerned because I’ve heard some horror stories where it takes years, well you know what I trust Mr. Davis he’ll do what’s right he’ll do the best so I’m not going to lose sleep over it and I didn’t. That was the one thing I didn’t lose sleep over you know so I was really happy. He’s really nice and makes you feel good. He reassures you that you don’t need to worry about anything I’ll take care of it so there. Why would you hire anybody if you didn’t have confidence if you didn’t have confidence in them? Marty left me a couple of messages, she said you never call us and I said why should I I know I’m in good hands, why bug you guys. She’s so sweet I love it, she’s good for him I hope he appreciates her. She made everything really easy not complicated, she explained everything to me whenever she needed me to sign. She explained everything and if I didn’t understand it then I’d ask her and she’d explain it to me. I think he’s got a great team. If you need somebody, hire the best. And hire the best and somebody that treats you nice.

    -Former Client
  • "We made a excellent choice when we hired Christopher Michael Davis"

    "Over two years ago my husband, grandaughter and I were on the way home when we were T-Boned on the driver side. The driver failed to Stop at the Stop Sign. My husband suffered a brain injury, I suffered neck and shoulder injuriess, and our grandaughter struck here head and was visiblely shaken up. We were all tramitized. Allstate did not want to be accountable. The first attorney we hired did not have the experience to settle our case and attain settlement. We fired our first attorney and hired Chris Davis to handle or complicated case against Allstate Insurance Company. We were immediately impressed with Mr. Davis's expertise; knowledge; and integrity in the field of Law. We left his office with a deep sense of peace and serenity. We immediately felt like we knew Mr. Davis all our life. He is to be commended for his insightful services to his clients. We would recommend Mr. Davis and his staff to anyone having legal issues. Thank you We are extreamly pleased we hired Mr. Christopher Micheal Davis and we trust him to settle our case by any means neccessary."  

    -Ramona W.
  • "They have been very responsive and helped move my case along quickly."

    "I am a client of Christopher Davis and was also helped by paralegal Kathleen Roney at the firm. They have been very responsive and helped move my case along quickly. I would definitely recommend them!"  

    Posted on Avvo by Krystal McKinney
  • "I would highly recommend Chris to any Seattle car accident victim."

    Posted on Avvo "I endorse this lawyer's work because I am familiar with the quality of Chris’s work, the great results he has obtained for his clients, and the value he places on customer service. I would highly recommend Chris to any Seattle car accident victim."

    -Anthony F.
  • " me what I deserved and I appreciate everybody in this law office today, and what they did for me, and I’ll not forget my experience with them."

    " me what I deserved and I appreciate everybody in this law office today, and what they did for me, and I’ll not forget my experience with them." Our client, Tina, suffered a compound fracture to her left ankle, in addition to a broken fibula and other bones in her foot and ankle, after being struck by a car while she was riding her bicycle with her daughter. Luckily her daughter was not injured, but unfortunately had to witness the tragic accident that seriously injured her mother. Tina hired Davis Law Group immediately after she had emergency reconstructive surgery to repair the ankle injury. We were able to recover a $160,000 settlement on behalf of Tina and her family. Full transcript of the testimonial: Me and my daughter—I have a daughter that’s twelve—we was riding our bikes. We was going to the uh, haircare store. And as we was coming back, we went by Peterson’s Food Company, and a lady was coming out with her car and my daughter was like ‘Lady, Lady! You’re gonna hit my mom! You’re gonna hit my mom!’ and I don’t know if she heard my daughter say that or not, but we clashed. When I went to the ground, my ankle went the other way—turned all the way, like, almost like clockwise, around. And when I went to the ground, my ankle was dangling from my—my bone was dangling from my—it was bad. And then I went to the hospital and got to the hospital and as soon as I got to the hospital, I went right into emergency surgery. And uh, then a couple of weeks after it healed, that time for it to heal, and then I had a second surgery. My experience today is that I won’t ever ride a bike with no helmet. And you know, I wanna ride my bike again. I’m gonna get back on my bike, and I’m not gonna let this hinder me from being a bike rider. My daughter said ‘Mom you need an attorney. You need an attorney right now. You can’t wait. You can’t wait a day or two, you gotta have it—you need one right now, ‘cause this is a serious accident.’ It’s an experience I’ll never forget—I’m gonna remember this for the rest of my life, being hit by a car. And this ain’t my first time riding a bike, I’ve rode a bike my whole life. But that’s the first time I’ve got hit by a car on a bike, and I didn’t think that could happen on a bike, but now I know it can. It was amazing. Um, I um, told Zee, ‘whatever happens in this case, just don’t let me get shafted by these people. Just don’t let me be the one to get shafted. Because I’m the victim.’ You know, I’ll always be the victim of that, you know? So she worked hard and she got me what I deserved and I appreciate everybody in this law office today, and what they did for me, and I’ll not forget my experience with them.

  • "I had very basic questions regarding a neck injury and the gal on the phone provided excellent advice with no real benefit to them. I appreciate the way they handled my call and questions."

    Posted on "I had very basic questions regarding a neck injury and the gal on the phone provided excellent advice with no real benefit to them. I appreciate the way they handled my call and questions."

    -Derrick W.