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Seattle attorney Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group have a great track record. We have helped thousands of injured people get fair settlements and verdicts for their personal injury claims. Here is a collection of testimonials, client reviews, endorsements, and thank you letters from just a few of the injury victims and survivors whom we have had the privilege to serve.

Last updated: September 29, 2017

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  • "Overall this has been a great experience..."

    Posted on Facebook "This review is really for the paralegal [paralegal name].  She has been amazing, keeping me constantly informed on my case, and working to answer my questions in a timely manner.  I really feel that [paralegal] has my best interest in mind constantly.  While she has a bunch of cases to work on at one time, every time I email or request a meeting she finds time to get back to me right away or to book me an appointment that works for my busy schedule.  I have had very minimal interaction with Chris Davis, but the time I have spent with him was very positive.  The office staff, is great as well, always saying hello to me on the phone and acting as they know me, and not just another person.  Overall this has been a great experience and 99% of that credit goes to [paralegal]."  

    -Brock Hillman
  • "I am very excited to purse my case with the Davis Law group standing at my side."

    Posted on CitySearch & Yelp "I have been very pleased with the Davis Law Group thus far. It is early on in my case and with me, new to the system [paralegal] has made me feel very confident in what the Davis Law Group will be doing for me. [paralegal] has taken the time to explain and answer any questions, with extreme response time. I am very excited to purse my case with the Davis Law Group standing at my side."  

    -Colin E.
  • "...I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent me!"

    Posted on Google "Davis Law Group has been very helpful after my accident! I would recommend it 100%!  [Paralegal], my paralegal is very helpful and I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent me!"

    -Dulce M.
  • "No need to look any further for an excellent law firm..."

    Posted on Avvo "I have never needed a lawyer. I had no idea how to go about finding the right one to represent me. I did an online search and made some calls. The Davis Law Group really stood out above all others I interviewed. They are extremely thorough and professional. I was quite pleased with the final settlement. I would highly recommend The Davis Law Firm."

  • "If ever I need an attorney in the near future I definitely would return to the Davis Law Group."

    Posted on Google & Yelp "Ever since I have been associated with the Davis Law Group as a client I have been highly satisfied, They are a top-notch law firm to work with, looking under every stone it wanted to help you through your ordeal. I have work personally with [paralegal], which has me advised throughout the development of my case and any thing that is pertinent, to helping me in my recovery, I really think her and the rest of the law firm for being so professional. If ever I need an attorney in the near future I definitely would return to the Davis Law Group for any further representation."

    -Jeff J.
  • " was more of a friendship than a business-lawyer-doctor type thing..."

    " was more of a friendship than a business-lawyer-doctor type thing..." This testimonial video features Brian, a satisfied former client, who was injured in a collision on I-5. The accident left him with pain in his legs and even more pain in his back, which could not be relieved in a surgery. A friend of his had an accident kit and referred Brian to the Davis Law Group, P.S., where he was taken care of. Full transcript of the video: I was on my way to work, about 6 ‘o clock on a Monday morning. Uh, first day back to work after Christmas. And uh, freeway was very light at that time and uh, car got rear—I was by the where 520 merges to I5 Southbound and a car got rear-ended and shot across the freeway. And um, on his way across, the pickup truck in front of me hit him, and spun him into the concrete wall and then he came back directly in front of me, and I didn’t have an opportunity to slow down or anything, so I hit him broadsided about 60 mph. At this point, they said they could operate and relieve the pain in my lower legs, but not in my back, and the majority of the pain is in my back, so they’ve decided at this time not to do surgery. I was taken by ambulance to Harborview, and my friend who came up and picked me up had been involved in an accident where he was rear-ended about a week before and—maybe two weeks—and he had an accident kit from Davis Law Group. So, he said ‘these are the people. Contact them.’ So when I got home, I contacted Davis Law Group and was advised: don’t talk to anybody, don’t answer any questions. Cindy was just on top of everything. And made sure I did the things that I needed to do, and kept the paperwork that I needed to keep to do it, and when I came in for the first interview with Greg and the attorney from Liberty Mutual, it was a very warm welcome and Greg was very informative, and very friendly. When I left after the meeting, I left with the feeling that, you know, it was more of a friendship type thing than a business-lawyer-doctor type thing. I really found out some things about Greg and his background and was really impressed with him and Cindy, the office manager, you know, I just had a nice time every time I came here.

    -Brian B.
  • "...know his reputation and the quality of his work..."

    "I practice 3000 miles from Chris, but know his reputation and the quality of his work. Chris and his wife, Mischelle, are doing great things around Seattle for clients and the community, alike."

    Posted on Avvo by Kenneth Berger, Attorney at Law
  • "It was such a relief to know that there was help for me from the Davis Law Group."

    Posted on Yelp "I am very pleased with the work that [paralegal] has done for me.  I am fairly new to the Davis Law Group but they have made me feel relieved that they can help with me with the Motor Vehicle Accident details and with dealing with the Insurance Companies.  I heard of the booklet offer on the radio and immediately called for a copy.  It was such a relief to know that there was help for me from the Davis Law Group.  [Paralegal] has been very patient with me and such a great help."

    -Sylvia T.
  • "...they were great, they did a great job..."

    This video testimonial features a satisfied Davis Law Group, P.S. client who was injured in a rear-end car accident. The other driver admitted at the scene to being at fault for the accident, and after a couple of days he started feeling the ill-effects of the collision. Shortly after the accident occurred, our client started receiving calls from the insurance company asking him to give them a recorded statement about the incident. Knowing that this could potentially have an impact on the overall value of his claim, he decided to call Davis Law Group to represent him. Full transcription of the video: The car behind me was driving at a certain speed and kind of rammed me into the back, she was just in a hurry to do everything and she said, “Oh, I didn’t even know the light was still red.” But that was the incident and so we pulled over to the side and we talked about it and discussed it, exchanged insurance information. I went home that night and I know the pain had start. I think what was happening I was so on a, the impact that I had I was so kind of surprised. You know when your surprised when something happens you don’t feel it until you calm down. On the way picking him up and coming home and stuff and I kind of was sitting down and wow I think I messed my back up pretty bad. Out of nowhere, "This is American Family Insurance calling, and we would like to have an interview with you and we want to record what we talk about about the incident.” And I’m going like I don’t want that, that’s not going to work. I kind of remember what the lawyers would tell me, "Don’t confer with another insurance company about what the incident until you make sure you've got a lawyer to represent you." They called me, they said “Well you don’t have to go nowhere were going to negotiate to you were going to get your one-time settlement and hopefully that you will okay with that.” I wasn’t going to be okay with that, what they were going offer, because they didn’t say we can sit down and talk, certain things they didn’t say. They said were going to one-time settlement and that’s it. And that’s when I came in and got one of the best groups of peoples that I know can handle the situation and I had been watching you guys on the commercials and I said "You know what, and this was probably maybe a month before this whole thing happened, if I ever get into a car accident I’m going to call Chris Davis," you know what I’m saying, just like that. I came in and Cindy and Greg and all those guys and that was some good service and they gave me some good information and they kept me informed. Step by step, procedure by procedure, how’s it going to go, what we except, what to look for and whatever. And they most importantly said don’t have any more contact with them. But they were great, they did a great job. So yeah I’m real satisfied of the outcome of this. It saved me a whole lot of time. And if anything like that ever happened again I won’t have to do anything but pick up my little card and call you guys, call Chris Davis.

    -Former Client
  • "I am glad I chose The Davis Law Group because they were very fast and efficient."

    Posted on Yelp "This was my first time needing a lawyer and it was overall a great experience. Everything was taken care if and handled for me. Anytime I was needed, I was contacted immediately and walked through every process. I am glad I chose the Davis Law Group because they were very fast and efficient."

    -Brittany O.
  • "...Davis Law Group was amazing and closed the case with the truth and proved what really happened."

    Posted on Avvo and Yelp "Before I found Chris Davis Law Group I was an emotional wreck. The MVA accident that took the life of my love when investigated was all wrong. Family, friends and all concerned agreed. A witness that came forward to testify was ignored. Christopher Davis Law Group was amazing and closed the case with the truth and proved what really happened. He was professional, yet compassionate, timely, accurate and closed the case in a relatively short time. I now have closure with the accident that I would not of had without hiring Attorney Davis. THANK-YOU to the group and everyone that worked so dilligently to bring this welcomed closure to this accident. I would recommend him to anyone who needs the help I needed."  

    -Gail S.
  • "He recommended what was best for his client and we are very satisfied with the outcome."

    Posted on Avvo "Christopher Davis and his Law Group are caring people. I would recommend his firm. Chris was always very professional yet very caring and keeping you well informed. He recommended what was best for his client and we are very satisfied with the outcome. [Paralegal] the paralegal there would always check up on us to be sure we were ok. We felt that [Chris] he and Greg did an excellent job. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE, WHEN NEEDED." Click Here To TV News Story About Labeebah's Case