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Seattle attorney Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group have a great track record. We have helped thousands of injured people get fair settlements and verdicts for their personal injury claims. Here is a collection of testimonials, client reviews, endorsements, and thank you letters from just a few of the injury victims and survivors whom we have had the privilege to serve.

Last updated: September 29, 2017

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  • "It was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders...I couldn't be more happy about how the case worked out."

    "It was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders...I couldn't be more happy about how the case worked out." In this video, former Davis Law Group, P.S. client Daniel McArther shares his accident story and experience with the attorneys and paralegals at Davis Law Group. Daniel, who is a resident of Portland, Oregon, was injured in a car accident while he was riding as a passenger in his friend's car in Washington state. He was taken to the hospital, where his medical bills quickly became quite expensive, and he soon realized that he would need to seek an attorney to handle the complexities associated with his case. Even though he was an out-of-state resident, Daniel found that his experience with Davis Law Group was even smoother than he could have imagined. His paralegal was always willing to answer questions Full transcription of the testimonial: I was turning around talking to [my friend] and then all of a sudden he slammed on the brakes, and the car in front of us had slammed on their brakes, so we were literally an inch away from their car. I turned to look at Alex and he said “oh God!”  and you could see headlights on the rearview mirror illuminating on his face and I looked ahead and felt this big burst of energy. I remember just trying to grab stuff [in the car] to stop me from moving around. Right after the accident we were in the hospital and I was talking to my mom, I was so out of it that, you know, you don’t even really think about what’s next, or what do you do now, so thank God I had my mom there with me. She said we absolutely needed an attorney to help us, because I’m a full-time student, I work full-time and my mom works full-time. You know, there are so many hours that Barbara and Chris put into my case that we could not have done. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, you know, because we don’t have the time to deal with it. It was really not any hassle for me to do, I think this is my third time at this office. And I actually don’t even live in Washington, I live in Portland, so you know being able to contact Barbara – who I contacted pretty much daily, I’m sure she wanted to kill me – she was so great and answered all my questions. I emailed her and she would email me back pretty much within the hour, I love her to death, she’s amazing. Any hours of the day she would answer my emails, any questions or anxieties or concerns that I had about the case or law in general, that me or my mom had, Barbara was the first person we called. I could not be more happy with the way the case [concluded].

    -Daniel McArthur
  • "Call Chris Davis, For Sure"

    Albert Mitchell, was in a horrible motorcycle accident that left him injured and dealing with mountains of medical bills.  After talking to several friends about hiring an attorney he called Chris Davis.  He was very pleased with how his case was handled and the excellent work of Chris and the legal team. “my medical bills were mounting up...I never could have handled this without his [Chris Davis] help…he let me know how the case was progressing…it has been fantastic…call Chris for sure…I would definitely send people this way.”  

    -Albert M.
  • "Allstate, brought the hammer down on us very hard...But we won with tremendous results."

    "I had a very difficult and complicated case that involved two motor vehicle accidents, separate claims, and many injuries (both previous, related and unrelated). I would not have received hardly any compensation for my injuries without Mr. Davis' help. My insurance company, Allstate, brought the hammer down on us very hard as if they were making a spectacle of my case. But we won with tremendous results. I was impressed with Mr. Davis knowledge and abilities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him." This client featured on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. 

    -Michelle T.
  • "Very, very wonderful. And very happy with your work. Very professional, very quick."

    "I was minding my own business going down the street and a car pulls out right in front of me and stopped. It would have probably been fine it they kept going but they saw me and panicked and stopped. And all I could do was lay my motorcycle down. Either that or hit the car and they would have been more damage to the both of us. She called her husband and I called the police. The police arrived and I pulled my motorcycle out of the street and was able to ride it home rest of the way." "Rotator cuff surgery is what I ended up having and a pinch inside my shoulder as well. But everything is coming back, everything is healing. I had a good team on me, good doctors." "Even now coming to an intersection if I see a car that is starting to move I will start applying my breaks. Yeah it has kind of got me, what is the word I am looking for? Break happy? I guess. I don't want anyone else to pull out in front of me." "Thank goodness I actually got two lawyers out of the phone book and I called both of them. The first lawyer never did called me back and at least Marty called me back and I was very happy about that. Very, very wonderful. And very happy with your work. Very professional, very quick. They know all the laws; I don't know anything about the insurance laws and negotiating, and nothing anything else. And they worked out real good. I am very lucky, absolutely very lucky."

  • ★★★★★ "...built a relationship with Davis Law..."

    Posted on Google Where do I start!!!!! I came in after a Motor Vehicle Accident (my first accident EVER that I was not at fault for too SAD FACE) and after researching Attorneys and such I came across Davis Law on Google....I prayed about what I should do but after the back and forth with my insurance and the other parties insurance I knew it was a route I wanted to take. I walked in and the Receptionist was GREAT and then I watched the Video in the waiting area and then three people came up to me Greg, [paralegal] and another [case investigator].   I decided I wanted to stick with them and since then built a relationship with Davis Law especially [paralegal] SHE IS FANTASTIC when I tell you prompt and efficient and understanding and loving and respectful and THERE after being ignored for so long I tell you I am happy with my decision. [Paralegal] definitely knows what she is doing and she takes away a lot of the weight now so that I can focus on my healing and getting back to my old self again. I love her I really do!!!! My family loves her too because now I am a little more at ease and not so down :-) THANK YOU DAVIS LAW....XOXO!!!

    -Feven G.
  • "If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to."

    "I was at the, eh where my husband was at with a jobsite that he was doing, he does construction, I went to go visit for lunch. When I went to my husband's truck to put away the lunch the dog came up to me and tried to butt my hand for me to pet him and then I said let me put this stuff over here in the truck and I went to go and almost try to pet him, and I wasn't bending down or nothing, I was about to go down and he jumped up and tore my whole lip off." "He was a dog that they had just adopted about three days ago and later I learned that this dog was from another family that bite a three year old. And they assumed that they could rescue him and help him out and it turned out I was the next victim on the list. So when I went to my own personal attorney to begin with he was trying to help but he was not as experienced in that area." "And I needed to have someone to help me to get through the legal matters because insurance companies are not on your side. They portray on victims that don't have any legal defense and they want to wash their hands from helping you at all." "So then I did some research and I found the Davis Law Firm which was on TV and on the internet. I did some and I came here and went through the interview and I liked it. You should always have a good attorney on your side, one that works for you not against you. The one that is for your best interest and not his own or her own depending on who he or she is for an attorney. One that will sit there and guide you through the emotion of roller coaster that you have to go through are pretty hard." "Just when you think everyone around you will be there for you they are not. And the only that really is the attorney and the person that is helping you. If anyone else goes through what I went though and they feel alone this would be the place to come to. Like I said, you need an attorney that works for you, not against you."

  • "They were very very nice, everything was very well explained. We had a great experience."

    <!--cke_bookmark_259S--><!--cke_bookmark_259E--><!--cke_bookmark_235S--><!--cke_bookmark_235E--> "I was hit by a pickup truck. I was crossing the street on the Lynnwood cross walk and this white pickup was in front of the cross walk and just idling so I started crossing and at the point when I was right in front of the pickup truck the driver reaved up and hit me. And I fell on the road and my wrist got broken. My wrist and my whole arm got broken. He drove me home. He picked up off the street. "Oh my god did I hit you?" And he drove me home. Then I went to the Emergency Room and then I don't really remember what happened rest of that day." "We called the cops. I don't remember that. Yeah it's all a blur. And I came out of the cast in July sometime and now I am still working on it. And this is my dominate hand. I am left handed and I do everything with the left hand and it was quite annoying." "I believe it was before he had surgery I had never been in this kind of situation before and I know that I called 911 when you came back with the guy who hit you. I'm glad I did that. And then I think a little while later, like a couple of days, I just thought I should really call a lawyer because I don't know anything about this and I didn't know anything about his insurance or  what to do about any of that aspect about it and that is why I called this law firm. And we had a lot of email correspondence, phone correspondence, everyone was great, they got back to us immediately. They were very very nice, everything was very well explained. We had a great experience. And we they gave us a rebate, that is very nice. I did not expect that. No I didn't either."

    -Former Client
  • "Every question was answered. Awesome!"

    "Mischelle is great, she talked to me like a friend and gave me great advise. Every question was answered. Awesome!"

    Posted on Google by Araceli Muñoz
  • "Our Settlement Was More Than We Thought Was Even Possible"

    <!--cke_bookmark_232S--><!--cke_bookmark_232E--> "Our Settlement Was More Than We Thought Was Even Possible"  

  • "...I am really happy with the job Mr. Davis did, it was really great..."

    "About a year and a half ago, it was the end of July, we were on a freeway driving through Kirkland and we were driving and traffic ahead started slowing and before we knew it we could hear breaks locking and then we were hit. Things happen so quickly you don't realize what you are doing and what is really happening. So, you know, the shock and everything that everyone tells you happens, happens and so you go through that process and you think you are okay and you think you can handle it and then you find out you are little above your head." "You know I really have pain and hurt and I didn't know what to do. I had to go to the doctor and people tried to help me in a way to tell me what I had to do for the accident and really it's hard to find a person that can help because you don't know who has a lot of experience in this kind of accident." "The thing that was the most important at the time was getting somebody that would be able to take care of any situation that would come up so that it is became involved he seems like he had a great background. We went through a lot of websites checking and going through credentials and we wanted to make sure we found somebody that if situations went bad that he would have, or they would have, that kind of background to be able to help through that. And that is exactly what he was able to do. Helps us in those situations that when things don't go right, what do we do and how do we handle it. Because ours was not just a cut and dry case." "I am really happy with the job that Mr. Davis, it was really great. But in my personal thinking is only that I am happy with myself for the process of healing and I am really happy with the job Mr. Davis did, it was really great." "It is not something you want to go through, it is a very difficult process; it is not an easy process. That is why you guys are the place. It is important like I say to have those good people behind you because they have to kind of carry you through it. You just can't do this by yourself. And if you think you can then you are hurting yourself because you outcome will not be as good."

    -Former Client
  • " settlement was much more than I ever expected."

    Posted on Google "After my car accident in 2009 Davis Law Group was one of the few attorneys I could find that would take my case. I wasn't trying to get rich, I just didn't want to deal with the insurance companies. It seemed like a very slow process at first, but once [Davis Law Group] took over my case everything went settlement was much more than I ever expected. I would recommend Davis Law to everyone and they will be the first ones I call if I every need another injury attorney."

    -Stephanie Segovia
  • "...the service has been phenomenal. I couldn't be more pleased..."

    "...the service has been phenomenal.  I couldn't be more pleased..."

    -Lonnie F.