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Seattle attorney Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group have a great track record. We have helped thousands of injured people get fair settlements and verdicts for their personal injury claims. Here is a collection of testimonials, client reviews, endorsements, and thank you letters from just a few of the injury victims and survivors whom we have had the privilege to serve.

Last updated: September 29, 2017

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  • "...great job! Thank you!"

    Posted on Facebook "[Paralegal] is my paralegal! She is doing a great job! Thank you!"

    -Jeremiah A.
  • "Very professional yet personable at the same time. "

    Posted on Facebook Very professional yet personable at the same time. They took all the stress and anxiety off my shoulders and was then able to relax and focus on my daughters healing. My daughter was not at fault in her auto accident...but the other insurance company was so vicious. I give kudos to [paralegal] for handling everything on our behalf. Truly grateful!!

    -Jeannette S.
  • "If It Wasn't For The Davis Law Group I Don't Know Where I Would Be"

    Damon Matz is a previous client of Davis Law Group, P.S. who suffered significant injuries in a car accident with a vehicle that had pulled over on the freeway without any emergency lights, causing Damon to crash into the vehicle. At first, Damon received a great deal of resistance from the at-fault driver's insurance company because there was not enough medical evidence to prove the extent of his injuries. Davis Law Group advised Damon to seek a second opinion from a different doctor, who eventually found that there were underlying issues contributing to his injuries and that he would eventually require neurosurgery to correct the issue. Because Damon took the time to seek a second opinion about his diagnosis, doctors were eventually able to determine what was going on and how to help him regain full control of his left arm. Full transcription of the testimonial: It was a foggy morning, the guy was stopped on the freeway and didn’t even have his flashers on or anything. I tried to swerve out of the way and I hit him at about 55 mph. At first, I lost the strength of my left arm and was not able to pick up my son – he was a newborn. I couldn’t move my head from left-to-right very well, and the doctors were saying it was a sprain-strain kind of thing. I went to physical therapy and was getting some strength back but I wasn’t getting all of the strength back in my left arm. My doctor said, “Hey, you might just have diminished strength now,” because of the whiplash. If it wasn’t for Barb here [at Davis Law Group] telling me to get a second opinion, I wouldn’t have found out that I needed to have neurosurgery because I had a disk that had compressed, of course, but when it went back it didn’t fully go back was making a calcium buildup that affected the electrical current going to my left arm from my brain. If she hadn’t mentioned that, I would have settled and had to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars later on and not be able to hold my son or anything like that because of something that my first doctor missed. If it wasn’t for Davis Law Group telling me to get a second opinion just in case, I wouldn’t be 100% healthy and be able to play with my son and everything to this day.

    -Damon M.
  • "If you have a legitimate claim and you want the best then Chris is your guy. Why settle for less when you can have the best."

    Posted on Avvo "I was rear-ended by a minivan 4 years ago and suffered multiple injuries. The most severe was my lower back which required surgery. My path to recovery has been emotionally harder than the physical pain endured by the accident but Chris and his team have shown me incredibly support throughout the process.  He was able to secure policy limits from both claims he made on my behalf. Chris fought hard for me and my family. He explained every step thoroughly and made sure that I was comfortable with the process. When I called his office I was always greeted by a warm voice and when needed he spoke with me directly.  I never once felt alone in my fight and Chris made every effort he could to help me through this difficult process. All I wanted was for my family not to be in debt due to my medical bills but I was blessed with more than I could ever imagine.  If you have a legitimate claim and you want the best then Chris is your guy. Why settle for less when you can have the best."  

  • "Davis Law Group Helped Me"

    I got in a car accident and I feel like they, the person I got in a car accident with tried to blame it on me basically and it wasn’t my fault it was all hers clearly they gave her a ticket. I was coming home from work and I was going straight through the light and she came toward me and tried to turn and she hit me on my driver’s side. My back just hurt a lot I wasn’t able to do any sports or go out and play soccer or basketball anymore and that it requires it requires a lot of movement. I wasn’t able to do that for about six months. The very next day they called me and they were like, they were kind of friendly but then they were kind of like, I don’t know I feel like they were kind of pushy like I don’t know I was like no I’m not ready for this and I’m up here by myself. I decided at that point because everything was just pretty much going downwards. I didn’t have a car, I couldn’t go to work, school. I talked to one of my bosses and she told me about Davis Law Group and they were able to help me so I just came here. Davis Law Group helped me out so much they took the stress away from me and I didn’t really have to deal with anything, I just had to give them information and I didn’t have to talk to the other insurance. I would say Davis Law Group did help me out a great deal. I would recommend Davis Law Group to anybody that is in trouble anything with car accidents even outside of that they could help you out.

    -Former Client
  • "The Holland's, Leffall's, and Miles family trust Chris Davis."

    Posted on Facebook "Davis Law has stood for what was right for this family for more than 15 years.  The Holland's, Leffall's and Miles family trust Chris Davis."        

    -Angelina H.
  • "After struggling for a bit on my own to negotiate with the insurance company, I decided to hand it over to the professionals."

    Posted on Yelp "I was in a car accident that left me in physical therapy and feeling side effects for a couple years. After struggling for a bit on my own to negotiate with the insurance company, I decided to hand it over to the professionals. Davis Law Group was on top of it from the beginning...they took care of everything for me and coached me through it. Would definitely recommend them to anyone."  

    -Cari S.
  • "The Davis Law Group is my version of the Legal Dream Team."

    Posted on Facebook & Yelp "In June 2010 I was attacked by a pit bull while walking my little terrier in my neighborhood.  After experiencing little in my encounter with the dog owner's insurance carrier, I engaged the Davis Law Group to represent my interests.  Three years later a settlement was reached that I consider very fair and equitable.  The Davis Law Group is my version of the Legal Dream Team.  I could never have reached a successful conclusion without the professional representation this firm provided.  Would I recommend this firm to others"  In a heartbeat!  I am a very happy camper."  

    -Alberta & Danae Mehring
  • "...a pleasure to work with..."

    Posted on Google "I have the pleasure to work with [paralegal] at Davis Law Group. She was recommended to me and I know that I will be doing the same!"

    Malcomb K.
  • "They did an excellent job on my case everybody was helpful!"

    "They did an excellent job on my case everybody was helpful!"

    Posted on Facebook by KX Boggan
  • "My boyfriend and I were hit by a drunk driver on the Interstate...Davis Law Group handled companies, legal issues, doctors, bills....everything. I frankly don't know how we would have done it without them."

    Posted on Google My boyfriend and I were hit by a drunk driver on the Interstate causing our vehicle to be forced off the road and to roll several times. It was very overwhelming and frankly a very scary experience. We received representation from The Davis Law Group and have been very pleased with our overall experience. As we recouped from the accident, The Davis Law Group handled everything else - including the insurance companies, legal issues, doctors, bills....everything. Our paralegal assigned to our case is [paralegal]. She is simply amazing. She handles all of our issues and is our liaison in all correspondence with outside entities and our lawyer. [Paralegal] always responds promptly to our phone calls and emails and gives us solid advice on what to do next as our case moves forward. We have been more than pleased on our decision to seek legal counsel. I frankly don't know how we would have done it without them. I would definitely recommend the firm -- and if you do hire them as your lawyers try to make sure that [paralegal] is your paralegal. She's the best!!

    -Amy Gann
  • "...I totally recommend Davis Law!"

    This video testimonial features a previous Davis Law Group, P.S. who was injured in not one, but two separate motor vehicle collisions. His wife was a passenger in both accidents as well, and after doing some online research she decided to call Davis Law Group to discuss their legal options. They found their paralegal to be extremely helpful and were surprised at how little effort the whole process required. Full transcription of the video: My wife and I were in two accidents over the course of about a nine-month period, and both of them were the other driver’s fault. We both had injuries that required different medical procedures, physical therapy and doctor’s visits, and it was just kind of a nightmare. What we wanted to do is find someone who was able to help us and [we wouldn’t] have to worry about doing all of the paper work and making sure we were compensated for all of the suffering that we were going through at that time. I had just recently been laid off from work, which was not a wonderful experience as you can imagine. We were traveling on northbound I-5 on a fairly clear, March afternoon – I do believe it was in March. We were doing about 40 [mph] with the rest of traffic and somebody just plowed into us at about 60 mph. We wanted to have somebody take care of this for us. My wife is extremely astute, and she was on top of it almost immediately. She wanted to find someone who made it so we didn’t have to worry about all of the bureaucracy and red tape, and we were able to just get through our recovery. She did a lot of searching online and Davis Law [Group] was somebody that came with a lot of good recommendations, so we called you guys up and you took us in a couple of days, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing ever since. It’s been really, really great. Cindy, who is our paralegal that worked on our case, was extremely helpful. She was always on top of everything, whenever there was any sort of updates we were informed very quickly. After our first accident happened, it was a few months later that we got into a second accident and we just called her up and we came in and she took it upon herself to get that one rolling too. I totally recommend Davis Law [Group], like I was saying Cindy has been fantastic; I email her and as long as it’s not a holiday she gets back to me within a few hours. She always has constant information, she called me to set up everything. Whenever she had news, she would make sure to have that extra personal touch and make sure that we actually talked over the phone at least once a month.

    -Former Client