Accidents Caused By United Parcel Service (UPS) Delivery Trucks

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United Parcel Service (UPS) delivers tens of thousands of packages every day in the United States. There are UPS delivery trucks visiting office buildings and homes in almost every city, small town, and neighborhood each day.  UPS deliver drivers are pressured to make on-time deliveries and are often rushed to make a delivery and get on to the next stop.

This obsession with efficiency and speed sometimes creates dangerous situations that cause UPS trucks to be involved in accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Unfortunately, commercial delivery truck accidents, including accidents involving UPS trucks, happen every day. In the 24-month period prior to Oct. 18, 2012, UPS drivers were reported to have been involved in 1,448 crashes, 541 involving injuries, including 39 deaths.

United Parcel Service's Circle of Honor

UPS drivers who make it through 25 years of service without an "avoidable" accident are honored with a ceremony, a patch on their sleeve documenting the number of accident-free years and a bomber jacket.  While this is an impressive distinction, only 7% of UPS's 102,000 drivers on the road are members of this elite group. 

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