J&J’s Johnson’s Baby Powder feminine hygiene product contains talcum powder, which studies suggest can potentially cause an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women when the product is applied to the genital area.

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Next Steps for J&J Customers with Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson has been aware for some time that its talcum powder products were potentially dangerous to consumers, yet the company never did anything to protect its customers from cancer and the other side effects that have surfaced. Internal documents from the company show that officials were growing concerned that the federal government might classify talc as a carcinogen, and they tried to find ways to deter the government from doing so. 

To this day, Johnson & Johnson maintains that products containing talcum powder are safe for every day use. This, despite the fact that researchers have found talcum powder molecules embedded in the diseased tissue of those who have died after long-term use.

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Landmark Injury Case Against Johnson & Johnson

In October 2015, a woman named Jackie Fox died from ovarian cancer after having allegedly used J&J’s Johnson’s Baby Powder as a feminine hygiene product for decades. Those representing the victim filed a lawsuit on her behalf, alleging that Johnson & Johnson knew the risks of using talcum powder in its products but failed to protect the public from injury and death by continuing to produce and market the products.

It was discovered that in 1997, a medical consultant wrote a memo to Johnson & Johnson officials explaining that anyone attempting to discredit a connection between talcum powder and cases of ovarian cancer is “denying the obvious in the face of all evidence to the contrary.” The memo was nearly 20 years old by the time it was made publicly available.

A St. Louis jury recently awarded a $72 million verdict to the plaintiff(s) in this case, though that is likely to be appealed. The award included $10 million in "actual damages" and an additional $62 million in punitive damages, which is believed to be the result of the discovery of widespread fraud, negligence, and other egregious conduct by the company.

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Injury Cases Against Johnson’s Baby Powder Manufacturer

The award-winning attorneys and legal staff at Davis Law Group are currently investigating injury claims involving ovarian cancer diagnosis in women who have used Johnson’s Baby Powder as a feminine hygiene product. We believe there is evidence to support a possible link between this product and various cancer diagnoses in innocent women who were unknowingly exposed to the dangerous side effects of Johnson’s Baby Powder.

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