Lawsuit Against The City of Bellevue

Filing A Lawsuit Against The City of Bellevue

Filing a lawsuit against a municipality such as the City of Bellevue is not like suing a corporation or individual. There are special procedures and specific court rules that are required when suing a governmental entity such as the City of Bellevue.

Is the City of Bellevue Liable?

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Bellevue, WA, like any other municipality, is frequently responsible for injuries to its citizens and visitors. There are multiple scenarios in which a person may be injured due to the negligence of the City of Bellevue. Some common personal injury / negligence cases include: injuries that take place in a Bellevue public building or facility, a person being injured due to the negligent actions of a Bellevue city worker or official, Bellevue pedestrians that are hit by cars in dangerous intersections, being stuck by a vehicle from the Bellevue motor pool that is operated by a Bellevue city employee, or being in a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident that is caused by a Bellevue Police Department (SPD) officer perusing a criminal during a high-speed chase. Unfortunately it may require a lawsuit to get the attention of City of Bellevue officials and motivate them to make changes to policies that will secure the safety of all citizens.

City of Bellevue Government Liability

The city operates a number of other agencies whose negligence may have resulted in your injuries. Depending on where you were at the time of the accident or what agencies may have been involved, you may have a legitimate claim against:

  • Bellevue Police Department
  • Bellevue Public Schools
  • Bellevue Public Utilities
  • Bellevue Animal Shelter
  • Suing Bellevue City Government

Holding the City of Bellevue liable for personal injuries, proving the case in a court of law, and getting reasonable financial compensation from Bellevue can be difficult. If you believe that the City of Bellevue or one of its departments was responsible for injuries cause to you or a family member you should seek the assistance of a qualified Bellevue personal injury attorney.

Bellevue Personal Injury Attorney

Davis Law Group frequently works with people who feel they have been wronged by the City of Bellevue. In addition to getting financial compensation for our client's injuries we also seek to bring about change in our community to make Bellevue a better place.  Call for a free legal consultation

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