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King County Metro buses serve routes all over the greater Seattle and King County area providing transportation for thousands of travelers and commuters every day.  Dozens of metro buses are on local city streets, roads and highways at any given time.  King County buses are involved in many accidents with motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists every year.  These crashes can cause major injuries and/or death of the accident victims.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board there were more than 250 people killed and 20,000 injured in bus-related crashes in 2009. From 2000-2007, there were 1,093 fatal accidents involving large buses, resulting in 1,315 fatalities and 3,471 injuries. 

In 2011 Congress passed the Motor-coach Enhanced Safety Act. In order to try to dramatically improve overall bus safety.  

Severe Injuries & Wrongful Death Due To Accidents Caused By King County Metro Buses

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Metro Bus Accident Causes

Although King County Metro has an extensive training and safety program for its drivers, operator error and improper vehicle maintenance is the cause of many accidents. 

Driver Error Causes Bus Accidents

Frequently driver error is the primary cause of accidents involving a metro bus.  Driver inexperience operating a large vehicle or bus can be a factor in these accidents.  Drivers who are not properly trained; are tired from long shifts; or are intoxicated often cause accidents.  Drivers are under a great deal of pressure to keep buses on time despite traffic—hasty decisions under pressure can also cause collisions.  Buses commonly rear-end other vehicles.

Mechanical Problems / Poor Vehicle Maintenance Cause Bus Accidents

Mechanical failure occurs as a result of improperly maintained buses and installation of defective or damaged parts.   Following accidents that involve mass transit buses, investigators will review the bus company’s safety records and maintenance history.  Investigations will often demonstrate past history that includes numerous safety violations and failed checkups including brake problems and other maintenance issues.