Funeral Home Mistake Attorneys in Washington State

Funeral home abuse and cemetery negligence are appalling acts that are frequently more common across the United States. The deceased have no way to protect or defend their body and dignity from physical abuse and desecration.  Families that want to honor the memory of their loved one feel defenseless against these horrific crimes. Life celebration services often involve a wake, funeral, burial or cremation. Families look to funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoriums for help during this emotional time. But a few unscrupulous establishments have no respect for the departed, no sympathy for the survivors and mistakes are common as they are only concerned with making as much money as possible.

Funeral Home Mistakes in Washington

As cemeteries, crematories, and funeral homes merge or are acquired by other companies, questionable practices for the purpose of cost effectiveness have begun to attract attention.  In the past few years allegations of misconduct, corruption, deception and greed have uncovered horrific atrocities that have made national news. 

There are a number of different ways that a funeral home or crematory can succumb to negligence that eventually damages the legacy of your loved one(s). Examples of some of the most egregious types of mistakes made by funeral homes include:

  • Expensive coffins retrieved after burial and switched out for less expensive ones.
  • Multiple bodies placed in one coffin or burial plot.
  • Bodies being mishandled, mutilated, sexually abused, disfigured, or distorted.
  • Bodies or remains being switched or lost.
  • Bodies robbed of expensive family heirloom jewelry, clothing or personal items.
  • Body parts removed and sold as donor tissue.
  • Grave sites left unkempt and vandalized.

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If you believe your loved one’s memory has been harmed or dishonored through cemetery, funeral home or cremation negligence, error or exploitation, it is essential to contact an attorney that has experience with these kinds of cases.  Protect your legal rights and the rights of your loved ones by exploring your legal options in the event of a funeral home mistake. The sensitive nature of these cases can make them challenging to pursue, but our attorneys are well-versed in the laws that protect you and your family from this level of negligence.

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