Escalator Accident Injury Attorneys in Seattle

When escalators and moving walkways malfunction passengers can suffer serious injuries or death. These sorts of accidents are far more common than you might think. Over ten thousand people are injured every year in escalator accidents. More than 70% of the injuries are related to escalator falls—people falling when getting on/off the escalator or when clothing or limbs get caught. In addition there are often serious injuries as a result of people who lose their balance while on the escalator and then fall onto other passengers.

The companies that own, operate and maintain escalators have experienced litigators and defense law firms on retainer to protect their interests and help them minimize or deny injury claims. Escalator injury victims should seriously considering hiring their own attorneys to assist with their accident claim in order to make sure that they are fairly compensated for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering damages. 

Types of Escalator Injuries

  • Broken bones from falls

  • Severed fingers or limbs

  • Broken or severed toes

  • Serious injuries to skin or scalp

  • Serious head injuries and/or brain injury

  • Back, neck and spinal cord injuries

  • Paralysis and permanent loss of movement

  • Death

Causes and Types of Escalator Accidents

  • Poor maintenance can cause escalator malfunction

  • Unexpected stops can through passengers forward or backward causing falls

  • The escalator can have a sudden reversal causing falls

  • Passengers can fall over the handrail

  • Sandals, flip flops or other open-toed shoes get caught in the escalator

  • Children's Crocs or other plastic/rubber shoes caught in the escalator

  • Missing stairs on escalator

  • Shoelaces caught in escalator

  • Clothing caught in escalator

  • Hair caught in escalator

  • Purses or shopping bags caught in escalator

  • Falls or tripping while getting on or off an escalator

  • Multi-person falls or pileups on escalators

  • Equipment fire

  • Blocked egress

  • Lack of proper signs during escalator maintenance

  • Weather conditions can cause the metal surface of outdoor escalators stairs to become slippery

  • Danger from baggage or strollers that fall from or get caught on escalators

  • Accidental entrapment on shopping cart escalators

Common Escalator Accident Locations

  • Department Store Escalators

  • Airport Moving Walkways and Escalators

  • Shopping Mall Escalators

  • Subway or Bus Tunnel Escalators

  • Office Building Escalators

  • Museum Escalators

  • Library and Public Building Escalators