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Electrical Accidents / Electrocution Injury Claims

Legal Claims & Lawsuits For Injuries or Death Caused By Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution injuryContact with strong electrical current can be potentially dangerous to a human being—causing serious injury or death. The magnitude of the electrical current and the location on the body where contact is made has a huge impact on the potential for harm.

Electrocution victims often have no way to remove themselves from the situation since alternating currents can cause involuntary movements, convulsions, or paralysis. If another person attempts to help the victim, they will likely be injured or killed when the current passes through the victim's body and into the body of the rescuer.

Those who survive an electrocution accident often have severe second- and third-degree burn injuries that result in permanent scarring and disfigurement. Electric shock can also cause neurological damage to body and brain.

Victims of electrocution accidents may be able to pursue legal claims against an equipment or product manufacturer for defects which resulted in the power surge. Or those injured by electrical current may have potential claims against a responsible business or governmental entity. 

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