Whether it’s necessary to hire an attorney after a car accident caused by an elderly driver depends upon several unique factors relating to your case. How badly were you injured? Is liability being disputed? What is the prognosis for your recovery? How long have you been out of work?

The answers to each of these questions – plus many others – will help determine whether or not you would benefit from legal representation. Our attorneys offer a free case review & legal consultation to injured victims and can help you answer these questions and determine if a lawyer can increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Liability & Fault for Elder Driver Accidents

As people get older, their senses diminish and eyesight, hearing, coordination, and reaction time can become diminished. Despite these challenges, many elderly drivers maintain their driving privileges longer than may be appropriate, putting innocent drivers and pedestrians at risk of being injured in a collision.

Conducting a proper investigation into your car accident case can help uncover the range of factors that may have contributed to the accident, helping to establish clear liability (fault) and put pressure on the driver’s insurer to cooperate and offer you fair compensation for your injuries.

License Restrictions for Senior Citizens

Washington state law requires elderly drivers to renew their driver’s license every six years, which is both helpful and problematic. It’s a positive that elderly drivers are required to update their license regularly, but a lot can change over six years and therefore there is always a risk that an elderly driver may be incapable of driving safely despite having a valid license.

Elderly drivers may sometimes have restrictions on their driver’s licenses designed to ensure they are not a danger to themselves or the public. Some of the common restrictions impacting elderly drivers include requiring corrective lenses, permitted and restricted driving times, restrictions on freeway and highway driving, and requiring the installation of a mechanical safety device or special pedals.